Third Party Payers

529 Plans, Outside Scholarships, Tuition Benefits

Students and families may secure payment resources outside the financial aid programs offered through University of Redlands. These payment resources include College 529 plans, tuition benefits through the student’s or parent’s employer, and scholarships through an outside agency. Since the tuition deadline may be before a third-party payer will remit payment on the student’s account, University of Redlands offers students and families the option to provide proof of anticipated payment to act as a placeholder on the student’s account until the actual payment is received.

For a placeholder to be included on the student’s account, please submit a confirmation of the anticipated payment to This confirmation must include the student information, third-party payer’s name and contact information and the amount of the anticipated payment. Student Financial Services will monitor outstanding payments from third-party payers and follow up with the student or third-party payer as appropriate. If payment is not received by the following registration period, the balance will become immediately due and a hold will be placed the student’s account until the balance is paid.


For more information on outside scholarship resources, please visit our outside scholarship webpage.