Obtain a Work-Study position

Student Employment Process

Students packaged with a work-award will have the opportunity during Orientation Week to attend a workshop regarding Student Employment. During this workshop students will learn how to access the online Student Employment Portal to look for open positions, apply for positions and make an appointment with the Student Employment Office.

All open (on and off-campus) positions will be listed within the portal. Students may apply to two positions at one time and will be directed to schedule an interview with the hiring supervisor.

If you are interviewing for an off-campus position, you may be asked by the employer to complete a secondary application. While some off-campus positions may be walkable or bikeable from campus, some require transportation.

New Hire Paperwork

If selected for a position, students will need to complete new hire paperwork which includes form W4 and form I-9. These forms instruct the University how to withhold earnings for income tax and verifies employment eligibility in the United States.

In general, these forms will only need to be completed one time during the student's academic career with the University of Redlands.

In order to verify employment authorization and identity, employees will be required to present original and unexpired documentation from the list of acceptable documents


Work-study earnings are taxable income. You may not see any taxes withheld during the academic year because you must earn above a certain amount before withholding takes place. In January, you will receive a W2 statement of earnings.