Student Employees of the Year 2020


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Elizabeth Craig

Recipient for Student Employee of the Year, 2020

Elizabeth worked as a Student Library Clerk Specialist in the Course Reserves section in Armacost Library. From her multiple years working for with the library services, her supervisors stated that “Elizabeth is a kind and firm student worker who understands the many functions and facets of the library as well enforces the most efficient work practices and ethical actions in job”. They also express that Elizabeth is respectable and always reflects well on the Library and the services available when interacting with U of R students and faculty members. She is said to have taken initiative to complete more duties to finish course reserve requests than required of her, also Elizabeth is “unique by her ability to work alone…she continues to be dedicated to her work and completes every task with minimal or no errors”.  


Anna Forget

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Recipient for Student Employee of the Year, 2020 

Anna worked as an Office Assistant for the School of Music office, where she supported department coordinators/administrators. Anna’s supervisors consider her to be a self-starter employee who likes to be extremely productive during her work hours, where she will help with any necessary tasks requested of her. One of her supervisors commented on Anna’s excellent attitude, she is described to be “extremely positive and helpful all the time…Anna is very friendly and professional in all of her communications with fellow students, faculty, staff, parents and community members”. Her supervisors reflect on Anna’s dedication to her position, stating that she maintained an eagerness to take on new challenges, such as larger projects, staying for longer hours, and accepting new responsibilities. Whatever the challenge, Anna made an effort to see her tasks through to completion accurately and efficiently, as she is described to be a perfectionist by nature.  




Vanessa Contreras 

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Nominee for Student Employee of the Year, 2020 

Vanessa really enjoyed working for Office Services in the mailroom. She described how her supervisors created a safe and positive work environment, where she felt welcomed and appreciated for her hard work. She expressed, “At times my job is the most enjoyable thing on campus, no matter how upset I am I know that my mood can always be improved when I clock in for my shift. Whether it be spending time with my amazing team or being able to help fellow students on campus I can always expect a good time in the mailroom. My experience at the mailroom is a prime example that work study can be a good experience, and that the people you work under can care about you an can be there for you.”