Key Student Forms

Below are commonly used forms and information related to the student experience.


Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

A student who needs or desires to take a Withdrawal (WDPR) or take a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the University of Redlands must schedule an appointment with their Academic Advisor and complete an exit interview. A withdrawal or leave of absence is considered official once the student gives notification of their intent and the Request Form has been submitted to the Office of Student Success at  

The Request Form will state the intentions of the student to discontinue the course(s) in which he/she is registered and the effective date of program withdrawal or leave of absence will be implemented, which is then recorded by the Registrar’s Office. During a student’s leave of absence, the University maintains all of his or her official records on an active basis. 

Students returning from a leave of absence of one year or less are not required to be formally readmitted. Students will be expected to fulfill the graduation requirements in effect at the date of their original matriculation. Students who do not return from a leave of absence within one year are withdrawn from the University. To return, they must be formally readmitted and must comply with the current University Catalog requirements. 

Return from Leave of Absence

To return from a Leave of Absence and reactivate your student status, please email with your request. Clear all holds with the Registrar’s Office.

Registration can begin once all holds are cleared and student status is changed to active. The Student Planning link is available on MyRedlands. Students may use their Redlands credentials to login to Student Planning Systems. 

Should you need your U of R password reset, please contact


Students seeking readmission to the University after an absence of more than one year must meet the admission and program requirements at the time of readmission. 

Students must apply for readmission and be approved by the Departmental Admissions Committee.

Application and deadlines for readmission 

Readmitted students will be charged the tuition rate currently in effect. A student’s account must be current at the time of readmission. 

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit acceptability is determined after admission by School of Education faculty. Program requirements may be waived only when the course content equates to a University of Redlands course and when obsolescence is not a factor; advisor approval is required.


College of Arts and Sciences students who enroll in the Master of Arts in Education: Learning and Teaching (MALT) program may transfer a maximum of 18 credits of coursework spanning the EDUG 401–411 sequence. Only courses with a grade of 2.0 or higher will transfer and the student’s cumulative GPA must meet the minimum requirement of 2.75 at the time of application to the MALT program.


School of Education graduate students may transfer a maximum of 6 credits, grade 3.0 or higher required, from regionally-accredited institutions to waive program requirements.


Students can satisfy up to 6 elective credits with master’s or higher-level coursework in their area of study from advanced graduate work at the University of Redlands or transferred from another accredited institution. Coursework must have been completed within 6 years before the time of matriculation in the program, grade 3.0 or higher required. 


Processing your transfer credit

Discuss your request for transfer credit with your advisor who will complete a Modification of Program Requirements form. Email your request for course waiver including supporting transcripts, syllabus, etc. to

Partner Tuition Discount

The University partners with organizations who support employee education and education benefits. Our list of partners grows annually, and ranges from banking and rocket science, to healthcare and government, to entertainment and law enforcement, to unified school districts and community colleges, and more. If you believe you should be receiving a partner discount, please complete Tuition Discount Change Request and return this form to:

View Strategic Partner List

Discounts are based on current tuition rates. Tuition discounts are not retroactive and will be applied to future classes. Discounts applied to the current term must be submitted before the add/drop deadline. See academic calendar for more information. 


Change of Program, Emphasis or Location

1. Complete a Program Change Request form and submit form to

2. Set an appointment with your advisor to review course requirements for new program and impact to schedule, location, program length, financial aid, etc.

Academic Review Board Petition


Students who wish to petition to leave a program, re-enter a program, or appeal a grade should contact their advisor for guidance.

School of Education Petition Form


If you are looking for forms, due dates, or other IRB information, use the IRB link  for access. The University's IRB Guidelines, a copy of the IRB application form for the use of human participants, a copy of the IRB application form for using animals in research or teaching, and links to information about IRBs and ethics in research are all available within.

If you have questions regarding which forms to complete, contact your advisor.

Request Your Diploma/Degree Sign-off

To order your diploma and sign-off your degree confirm that your progress in Student Planning indicates complete. Then complete the appropriate request form  and submit to the Office of Student Success at Students in the following programs must complete a Degree Sign off request:

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • School Counseling

Ed.D. students complete a Ed.D. Degree Clearance Form. students in all other programs will have their programs automatically signed off when all grades have been posted and requirements have been met.  

After your degree has posted, you may be asked to complete an exit interview with a loan specialist or participate in a financial literacy module. It is important to check your Redlands’ email for more information. Failure to complete this requirement will result in a student hold. 

Processing time is approximately 10 to 14 days. A complimentary unofficial transcript is sent about 1-2 weeks later. Official transcripts are available at Your diploma will be mailed to your preferred mailing address on file approximately 3 weeks after conferral. To update your address, contact the Registrar's office at 909-748-8019. 

Special Status Student

Special Status Student (not admitted to a program or eligible for financial aid)

Students who wish to take single courses should contact the Office of Student Success to schedule an appointment with an advisor. If you are a former University of Redlands student, confirm that your student account is clear of any holds.

Review request/discuss course schedule with advisor. Complete and sign a Registration and Tuition agreement based on current tuition rates.