Race in Education Analytics Learning Lab

The Race in Education Analytics Learning Lab (REAL Lab) opens opportunities for students in the School of Education to produce knowledge about the role of race in education. While graduate programs provide foundational knowledge, deepening the understanding also requires the skill to identify often-overlooked racial inequities through the use of data. The REAL Lab engages students in quantitative and mixed methods research projects that allow them to critically examine systems, policies, and practices as they seek change within their various professional contexts. The objective is not necessarily to publish, though it may be possible, but rather to support future advocacy efforts by helping students to be well-positioned to make data-informed decisions and influence change.

The REAL Lab engages students in:

  • Accessing data to critically examine the role of race in education systems, policies, and practices
  • Data-informed advocacy and change efforts across the K-20 continuum

In the REAL Lab, Latinx and Black students:

  • Conduct and participate in quantitative and mixed methods research projects
  • Participate in hands-on workshops using analytic tools
  • Reflect on how their own racial identities shape their experiences through affinity groups

REAL Lab Team



Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs)


Lorraine Y. Jones, M.S.W.
Lorraine Jones joined the REAL Lab in the Fall of 2020 as a Doctoral Candidate in the Leadership for Educational Justice Program. Before coming to the University of Redlands, Lorraine received her M.S.W. from Howard University and B.A. in Social Work from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Lorraine is a community college administrator whose work is focused on diversity equity and inclusion. Her research interests include leadership competencies of higher education administrators, equity in screening and selection processes, and the impacts of unconscious bias in higher education environments.


Vanessa Pérez Kung
Vanessa Pérez Kung is a 2nd year doctoral student in the Leadership for Educational Justice Program. She has served as a teacher and teacher leader in Bilingual Ed for the past 8 years. Vanessa has worked with a variety of stakeholders at both local and state levels. Her areas of interest are English learners and Bilingual Ed. Growing up as an English learner, and later having the opportunity to serve and represent these students, has reinforced her belief that one’s primary language is deeply tied to one’s identity. As a GRA in the REAL Lab, she hopes to use her professional and personal background to better understand the role of race in education, specifically as it relates to historical racial inequities in K-12 Education.