About the School of Education

Since 1924, the University of Redlands School of Education has upheld a commitment to develop and mentor compassionate, influential educators and counselors who are driven to contribute to something greater than themselves. 

We welcome those who are called to create change. Those who are unafraid to challenge traditional thought. Those who fight endlessly for equity in education. We embrace those who have the courage to be uncomfortable, and the foresight to solve problems before they arise. Those who choose progress over complacency, no matter what. 

Creating equity is our calling. What's yours?

Driven to Make Change

The School of Education's enriching and inclusive degree and credential programs empower students and our graduates to become well-rounded practitioners in today's diverse, challenging, and ever-evolving educational landscape. Guided by the ideals of equity and access, we're committed to developing leaders - leaders who are competent and capable of advancing a just society.

We are committed to challenging the systems that make education and community support inaccessible. With an academic experience that is both culturally relevant and action-oriented, there's no better place to start building a better, more equitable world -- today. 


Inspire more justice-related dialogue and action. 


Strengthen social and educational justice through student, staff, and faculty engagement. 

Social Justice Principles 

  1. Advocate practices that emphasize equity and democracy for all.
  2. Promote diversity of people, thought, experience, and expression.
  3. Lead systemic change.

Educational Justice Principles

  1. Champion educational accessibility for all.
  2. Encourage inclusive education through diverse learning, teaching, and scholarship.
  3. Model self-awareness as a foundation for growth and change.

Why the Redlands School of Education Stands Out

Educational justice is our guiding principle and is woven into every aspect of our programs.  The School of Education programs are passionately focused on educational justice.  We endeavor to transform students into innovative scholar-practitioners who serve their communities as leaders in education, counseling, government, and non-profits.

Transformative Academic Programs

Designed with special attention to upholding educational justice in today's diverse and challenging educational landscape, our enriching degree and credential programs challenge our students to become innovative scholar-practitioners guided by the ideals of equity and access. They are offered at our regional campuses and online, increasing access to our life-changing programs.

Through hands-on instruction and student-focused study, our graduates aren't just prepared to teach -- they're ready to make a difference. 

Explore the School of Education graduate and credential programs.

Community Partnerships

Our prominent place as the leading school of graduate and professional education in the Southern California region means that our students benefit from our active community partnerships, deepening the hands-on learning experience through a wealth of enriching field placements.

Personalized Education

Our expert faculty prepare educational leaders and professionals who enhance the learning and livelihoods of all people in increasingly complex and educational contexts.

School of Education students benefit from close faculty interaction, promoting a greater understanding of course concepts and pedagogies. Through this personalized, inclusive, community-engaged teaching and scholarship, we shape and enrich educational practices that advance a more just society, positively impacting the lives of individuals in our community and beyond.

Close-Knit, Supportive Community

The School of Education's tight-knit community of faculty, staff, and students is committed to experiential learning, diversity of ideas and people, and collaborative scholarship. This community guides and supports you in pursuit of your goals -- whether you are beginning your career, advancing your skill set, or refining your professional specialty. 

Rooted in Social Justice

Reflecting our commitment to our mission and guiding principles, the School of Education's Center for Educational Justice strives to promote equity and justice in education and society overall through events, initiatives, and activities that address society's most pressing issues. 

Become a Difference Maker at Redlands

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