About the School of Education

We welcome those who are called to create change. Those who are unafraid to challenge traditional thought. Those who fight endlessly for equity in education. We embrace those who have the courage to be uncomfortable, and the foresight to solve problems before they arise. Those who choose progress over complacency, no matter what. Creating equity is our calling. What’s yours?

Driven To Make Change

We are committed to challenging the systems that make education and community support inaccessible. With an academic experience that is both culturally relevant and action-oriented, there's no better place to start building a better more equitable world - today. 


Inspire more justice-related dialogue and action.


Strengthen social and educational justice through student, staff, and faculty engagement.


Social Justice Principles

  1. Advocate practices that emphasize equity and democracy for all.
  2. Promote diversity of people, thought, experience and expression.
  3. Lead systemic change.

Educational Justice Principles

  1. Champion educational accessibility for all.
  2. Encourage inclusive education through diverse learning, teaching and scholarship.
  3. Model self-awareness as a foundation for growth and change.