Who Studies at the University of Redlands School of Education?

The Redlands School of Education community is comprised of individuals from diverse and varied backgrounds, coming together over a shared passion for education and social justice. Pursuing distinguished graduation education degrees, our School of Education students are devoted to lifelong learning, staying curious and encouraging their own students to do the same.

School of Education: Who We Are

The School of Education's community of faculty, staff, and students are committed to diversity of ideas and people as well as collaborative scholarship. Driven by a dedication to educational justice and equity, students strive to become innovative scholar-practitioners, serving communities as leaders in PreK-12, higher education, and human services.  

Our students are drawn to our programs from a wide range of professional fields, including business, the sciences, law enforcement, and the military. Others are stay-at-home parents preparing to re-enter the workforce or paraprofessionals eager to become educators.

Still, others are current teachers interested in advancing their careers to become administrators, college professors, counselors, or educational non-profit managers. Above all, they are drawn to the University of Redlands School of Education graduate programs because they are committed to education and social justice and they share our vision for a better tomorrow. 

University of Redlands School of Education Student Profile

The University of Redlands School of Education enrolls 789 graduate students - 75% female, 25% male.

Race and ethnicity profile of the 2018-2019 student body:

  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.4%
  • Native American: 0.4%
  • International Student: 0.5%
  • Asian: 3.3%
  • Other/Declined to State: 4.4%
  • African American: 7.1%
  • White: 33.8%
  • Hispanic: 46.5%

A Connected Community

Through our inclusive, globally engaged community, students are exposed to new perspectives from their peers, broadening their understanding of the fields of education and human services and how they can impact a community. This appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism forms strong bonds between students as they collaborate cross-functionally to learn and build academic pedagogies and practices that create a more just society. 

Furthermore, smaller class sizes create a personalized environment, allowing students to engage in their education and develop strong mentor relationships with our expert, experienced faculty members.

Our master's degrees and graduate credentials in education provide students a wide range of options to pursue their academic passions and take meaningful steps toward achieving their professional goals. Realizing the majority of School of Education students are also balancing many work and home responsibilities out of the classroom, our graduate education programs are designed to fit within a busy schedule. 


Join a Community Dedicated to Educational Justice and Equity

The University of Redlands School of Education embraces the diverse identities, experiences, and ideas of our students. They make our tight-knit community stronger with a strong foundation of collaboration, leadership ability, and passion for educational justice and equity.

Excited to become part of the Redlands community? Request more information about our graduate education programs, or get started on your application today!