"We prepare our teachers to be critical thinkers so they don't blindly accept what is given in the education system."

- Dr. Mousumi De, Assistant Professor

Equity. Access. Diversity.

"New students are often surprised at how much they learn about themselves. They come into our program expecting to learn how to teach but they are very surprised to see how much they really learn how their own experiences and expertise lend themselves so well to becoming future teachers." - Dr. Nicol Howard, Dean; Associate Professor; Co-Director of the REAL Lab

Department of Teaching and Learning

The School of Education's Department of Teaching and Learning prepares educators for rewarding teaching roles at the Pre-K-12 levels through an array of master's degrees and preliminary teaching credential programs. Graduates have advanced knowledge in teaching and instruction pedagogies and are ready and prepared to change lives.


Why Study in the Department of Teaching and Learning?

Guided by the ideals of educational justice and equity, the Department of Teaching and Learning stresses the importance of understanding diverse learning perspectives and capabilities in order to effectively and compassionately teach a diverse student population. The master's degrees and credential programs encourage educators to push for systemic change that increases equity and inclusion in the classroom, collaborating directly with administrators and community partners.

Our Teaching and Learning faculty members exude a lifelong love of education, one that they infuse into their instruction and mentorship. They have an advanced grasp on modern teaching methodologies and are researchers, thought leaders, and seasoned teachers themselves. With the School of Education's tight-knit community, students are supported by direct access to these faculty members who care deeply about their success and professional aspirations. Learn more about the Teaching and Learning faculty below!

Master's Degrees and Credential Programs

Students in the Department of Teaching and Learning develop a savviness in modern learning tools and educational technologies through engaging in-classroom discussions and supervised field teaching experiences. This helps students both stay at the forefront of teaching theory and also put the methodology into practice in real classrooms. 

The School of Education is closely connected to schools across the regional community, supporting students in securing placements and expanding their professional networks. Student teaching is closely supervised by faculty members who provide feedback that strengthens teaching performance.

Each of the Department's degree programs strive to shape the future by teaching students how to recognize social and educational inequities. Students build multicultural competencies that address and remedy these inequities within the classroom and throughout the entire school system. 

Graduates of the master's degree programs in this department enter fulfilling careers as teachers, curriculum designers, and program specialists. 

Undergraduate Education Programs

In addition to the master's degree and credential programs, the Department of Teaching and Learning has a Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies program intended for transfer students and an Undergraduate Teaching Credential pathway program for students in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).  Students in CAS can apply for admission into the School of Education, and contact the graduate enrollment team to learn more.

Become a Teacher Dedicated to Educational Justice at the University of Redlands

Teachers are instrumental to the future success of their students, and the Redlands Department of Teaching and Learning trains educators that are sensitive to the socio-cultural factors impacting their students and are able to work collaboratively to enhance learning ability. 

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Department of Teaching and Learning Faculty