Center for Educational Justice


To bring balance to an educational system that routinely overlooks the students who need it most, it takes more than a single educator—it takes a movement. That’s why we established the Center for Educational Justice here at the University of Redlands School of Education.

A forum for discussion, research and collaboration on the issues that affect our industry, the center works to create greater awareness and understanding of these important issues.

Your involvement at the Center for Educational Justice helps us advance the conversation on practices, scholarship and other pressing matters that affect all educators—and their students.

Each year, the Center for Educational Justice hosts a day-long seminar that focuses on topics of leadership and educational justice.

The Center for Education Justice (CEJ) was formed in 2006, through the University of Redlands School of Education, with a four-part mission:


social justice in education

To support and encourage School of Education students and faculty to take on projects that relate to social justice in education.


To design, plan and sponsor local seminars that will engage faculty, students and community members in discussions aimed to examine current educational practices and bring forth practices that will provide equity in education. 


To design, plan and sponsor events and other projects that will promote educational justice in our schools and community. 


To enhance the scholarship of the university as a vital intellectual center, providing local, regional and national leadership guidance on the topics of educational scholarship, practice and policy.

Director, Center for Educational Justice