Our increasingly interconnected world creates movements of ideas and people that profoundly affect the work of educators and counselors. School of Education (SOE) students are provided the opportunity to develop the global literacy necessary to understand and address diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

Study Away

Study away courses consists of a wide range of comprehensive experiences for our students. For example, the curricula of all our programs heavily emphasize multiculturalism.

Study Away Courses

Study Away courses explore, examine, and understand current issues related to culture and globalization utilizing socially-situated theoretical perspectives in framing approaches to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Study major developments and implications associated with globalization and culture that are shaping education.

Exposure to international themes in the study of culture, globalization, and education. The course will culminate in a reflective, personal journal-type conceptual paper or in a comprehensive research paper that covers international themes related to culture, globalization, and educational justice.

Study away courses may be applied to elective credit upon approval. Please contact your advisor for more information. 

Upcoming Study Away Trips

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