Centennial History Project: 1924-2024

The School of Education Centennial History Project provides a belated opportunity to generate and celebrate the history of the School of Education at the University of Redlands throughout the past 100 years. This story has not been told before and we hope that leading up to the centennial in 2024 that this webpage will digitally archive our history. As such, this webpage will be an evolving public document, adding topics and information as we discover it.

Main goals for the project: 

  1. consider the School’s social and educational justice values at all stages of the project, 
  2. formally collect and review information about our past,  
  3. engage in meaning-making processes with this information, 
  4. create varied multi-media, accessible digital products that provide both focused and overview histories, 
  5. communicate about our history in a variety of ways, and 
  6. set up sustainable ongoing archival processes to continue curating information about the people and organization.

We want to tap into the stories about how the School of Education has impacted individuals for the past 100 years, as well as how it has shaped the University of Redlands, the Inland Empire, the state of California, and beyond. Knowing the stories of people is central to knowing our history and deepening our culture. Knowing our history will help to inform new initiatives moving forward—stories we can build upon for the next 100 years.

What story will you share? Connect with us today.