Graduate Student Association

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The Graduate Student Assocation (GSA) is a student-led organization for the School of Education. The GSA offers membership to all School of Education graduate students regardless of program, modality, or status. Every graduate student is encouraged to participate in meetings, events, and run for elected office. The GSA works in partnership with the Office of Student Success.


The mission of the GSA is guided by three tenets: advocacy, collaboration, and communication.The GSA advocates for students by encouraging, amplifying, and creating space for their unique concerns and needs. It is with a collaborative spirit that the GSA provides a platform for active engagement between students, faculty, and administration. Our ethos of open communication is essential as we tear down silos that hinder cross-department partnerships.

Elected Representatives

The GSA operates through elected Cabinet officials, department liaisons, and program representatives. This structuring ensures widespread representation across myriad departments and programs.

The GSA cabinet meets regularly with high-level administrators concerning the student experience. Department liaisons work closely with each of the three departmental chairs for programming, collaborating, and addressing concerns. Program representatives operate at the grassroots level, carrying out the GSA mission among their respective programs.

Getting Involved

Please feel free to reach out to any elected official regarding GSA programming, meetings, or other activities. A powerful way to become involved is to serve as an official. Please contact our VP of administration to find out which positions are open and how you can apply!

You can email the Graduate Student Association at

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Meet our Cabinet

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GSA President: Kevin Velez

Hi, my name is Kevin and I serve as the President of the SOE GSA. I’m in my second year of the Higher Education Student Affairs program. As a founding member, I believe that graduate students deserve representation and centering in conversations about our educational experience. By creating an association that champions intersectionality in places of power, I hope the GSA serves as a catalyst for enhancing the experiences of all our graduate students.

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Senior Vice President: Chanel Parrish

“Hi! My name is Chanel, and I’m the Vice President for the SOE Graduate Student Association. I am a second-year graduate student in the Higher Education Student Affairs program. I chose to be a partner in creating the GSA because I saw that the SOE needed a clear avenue for graduate student voices to be heard and a platform for us to advocate for ourselves and our peers. I stand firmly behind elevating the voices of populations who are not traditionally given a voice or a seat at the table. At the university of Redlands, one of those populations were graduate students, and I am proud to be a part of an association who can be the bridge for advocacy, communication, and collaboration for grad students.”

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Vice President of Administration: Stephanie Rudd

“Hi! My name is Stephanie, and I am the VP of Administration. I am currently a graduate student in the Higher Education, Student Affairs program. I chose to be involved in the GSA because I wanted to advocate for graduate students while they are pursuing their educational goals.”

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Program and Finance Organizer: Mary-Jean Stevenson

“Hi! My name is Mary-Jean, and I am the Program and finance Organizer for the Graduate Student Association. I'm a third-year graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. I chose to be an active partner so I can contribute history to this University, and advocate for the graduate student population.”

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Vice President of Academic Advising and Enrollment: Emilia Cline Arellano

“My name is Emilia Cline Arellano, and I am the Vice President of Academic Advising and Enrollment. I chose to be a part of the GSA because as a first-generation college student, I am well aware of the many challenges that students face that could pose barriers towards completing their degrees. I believe that the GSA is a place where we can advocate for all students and tackle those barriers.”