Rochford College Access Program 

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Rochford College Access Program is to serve low-income, Redlands Unified School District students from at-risk backgrounds who have been identified as having the potential to be first-generation college students. The Rochford College Acess Program offers students and their families resources and support in making the pursuit and attainment of a college degree a realistic and obtainable goal.

Program Description
The Rochford College Access Program exists to increase student participation and success in academic preparation courses for low-income and traditionally underrepresented students who historically attend college at lower rates. In addition to academic preparation, students will also participate in activities designed to build college-going skills to increase high school completion and prepare students to succeed in their college and career aspirations. The Rochford College Access Program aims to engage parents and families in creating a supportive college-going culture that supports students' educational pursuits. The Rochford College Access Program will begin with eighth-grade students and will support them through their first year at college. For more information regarding the middle or high school program, please see their respective pages.