Rochford Leadership Development Program Overview

The Rochford Leadership Development Program was developed to increase the skills of education and community leaders to help advance a college-going culture in our schools and improve opportunities for youth. The program seeks to build participant capacity for self-reflective leadership; develop participant leadership skills aimed at assessing and improving organizational health; and, increase participant understanding of systems and organizations that serve P-20 students in Redlands, California.

Program objectives

  • Participants will become more self-reflective leaders, aware of their own strengths and challenges.
  • Participants will build specific leadership skills aimed at assessing and improving organizational health.
  • Participants will have a greater understanding of systems and organizations that serve K-12 and college students in Redlands, California.

Rochford College Access Program:
The University of Redlands and the Redlands Unified School District have partnered to make college more accessible for students with economic needs, who also have academic and leadership potential, particularly including students from underrepresented groups in education.
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Program overview
Participants will engage in an intensive one-week leadership experience during which they will explore their own leadership styles, learn new leadership skills, and consider how they can grow as leaders in their organizations.  Participants will prepare for the experience by completing readings, activities, and assessments of their own leadership style and context.  Throughout the week, participants will engage in discussions, kinetic learning activities, and apply learning to case studies (both assigned and those that come from their own practice). Topics will include:

  • Personal leadership style: identification of strengths, weaknesses, and approaches; setting goals for growth
  • Contextual leadership: team leadership, diversity, and politics
  • Relational leadership: communication
  • Inspirational leadership: leading an organization
  • Supportive leadership: strategic planning
  • Responsible leadership: personal values v. organizational values
  • Leading for change

Participants will be supported in their continued leadership growth throughout the year with regular check-ins with their small group, coaching on leadership goals, and quarterly dinners with leaders from the Redlands community.

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