Our Town

by Thornton Wilder

March 31 - April 3, 2011

Director Chris Beach
Set Designer Leah Ramillano
Costume Designer Janey Thompson
Lighting Designer Thoper Stumreiter
Managing Producer Daniel Bachman


Our Town was a community based project, involving University of Redlands, local high school and junior high students.



Stage Managers  Julia Puntarelli
Anthony Randall
Carly Scholte
Mrs. Julia Gibbs Hayden Todd
Mrs. Myrtle Webb Olivia Spirz
Dr. Gibbs Neal McKenna
Howie Newsome Ron Blakely
Jo/Si Crowell Ezra Bosworth
George Gibbs Act l: Connor Benson
Acts 2 and 3: Nick Tellier
Rebecca Gibbs Sarah Blackey
Wally Webb Peter Morics
Emily Webb Acts 1 and 3: Emma McCabe
Acts 2 and 3: Alyssa Good
Professor Willard Kassandra Zamanis
Charles Webb Ryan Stewart
Simon Stimson Steve Morics
Mrs. Soames Sally Norton
Mrs. Forest Julia Puntarelli
Mr. Morgan Anthony Randall
Baseball Players Ross Thrasher
Thomas Fraczek
Constable Warren Keith Wolgemuth
Samantha Craig Sarah Perez
Jo Stoddard Anthony Randall
Mr. McCarty George Alexander