Angels in America

By Tony Kushner

Tony Kushner's Angels in America is that rare entity: a work for the stage that is profoundly moving yet very funny, highly theatrical yet steeped in traditional literary values, and most of all deeply American in its attitudes and political concerns.

In two full-length plays--Millennium Approaches and Perestroika--Kushner tells the story of a handful of people trying to make sense of the world. Prior is a man living with AIDS whose lover Louis has left him and become involved with Joe, an ex-Mormon and political conservative whose wife, Harper, is slowly having a nervous breakdown. These stories are contrasted with that of Roy Cohn (a fictional re-creation of the infamous American conservative ideologue who died of AIDS in 1986) and his attempts to remain in the closet while trying to find some sort of personal salvation in his beliefs.

A fully-realized production of the first part of the award-winning play, ANGELS IN AMERICA: Millennium Approaches, directed by Steve Shade, ran Thursday, Oct. 30 - Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 2 at 2 p.m.

An ANGELS IN AMERICA: Perestroika reading directed by Dr. Victoria Lewis was held on Nov. 3 in the Glenn Wallichs Theatre. Cast Production Team

October 30 - November 2, 2008

Director Steve Shade
Set Designer Snezana Petrovich
Costume Designer Deborah Bradford
Lighting Design Trevor Norton



Rabbi Isidor Chemelwitz Keith Wolgemuth
Roy M. Cohn Brandon Lambert
Joseph Porter Pitt Sam Boutelle
Harper Amaty Pitt Robyn O'Dell
Mr. Lies Manny Heredia
Louis Ironson Nicholas K. Zaharopoulos
Prior Walter Bretton Serrell
Henry Keith Wolgemuth
Emily Marie Anello
The Man in the Park Dan Stong
Martin Heller Dan Stong
Hannah Porter Pitt Lynn Berkeley Krantz
Sister Ella Chapter Yvette Magallon
Belize Nicolas K. Daily
Prior 1 Dan Stong
Prior 2 Keith Wolgemuth
The Woman in the South Bronx Yvette Magallon
Ethel Rosenberg Marie Anello
The Angel Nicolas K. Daily
The Voice Yvette Magallon
Marie Anello
Manny Heredia





Production Team:


Stage Manager

Liz McGavock

Assistant Director

Christopher Suzuki

Assistant Stage Manager

Lisa Wiborg

Assistant Set Designer,
Graphic Design/Projection Design

Haley Keim

Choreographer for Opening Sequence

Robyn O'Dell

Sound Design

Steve Shade
Dan Cork

House Manager

Sam Kolendowicz

Light Board Operator

Jeffrey Groff

Sound Board Operator

James Borsky