Under Construction

New Works Written and Performed by University of Redlands Students

Directed by Carey Curtis Smith

Featuring Plays By Sara Adams
Kyle Rizzo
Devan Liljedahl
Sunday Mancini


Black Box Theatre
March 14, 15 and 16 2008

The title "Under Construction" reflects the fact that all of the works presented are unfinished pieces or rough drafts written and performed by U of R students. Student performers and writers collaborate to deconstruct, fine tune, edit or rewrite the works allowing for a unique experience for both actor and author. Audiences will see the works in their various stages of development. The program includes monologues and collections of scenes.*

In contemporary theatre, film and television work the writer is usually present or available as the actors and directors work to develop a physical translation of the printed page for the stage. At the director's request, writers are able to provide rewrites or additional dialogue and scenes for the performers if needed. "Under Construction" performances reflect this process by presenting, not only the original draft of the piece, but the rewritten or edited versions as well. As part of the improvisational nature of the workshop, the audience is invited to contribute plot and dialogue ideas as well.

*Some material may be inappropriate for children under 12.



Jesse Teplow
Jolie Manning
Dan Stong
Suzie Silva
Heather Engstrom
Derek Delmar
Grace Nolde
Leah Delaporta