Coming Out FAQ

Can I have the name I go by listed on my diploma and transcripts? 

At the moment, only your legal name can be listed on your diploma and transcripts. If you have legally changed your name you can submit an Affidavit of Name Change to the Registrar.  

Do I have to come out at the University? 

Nope! Coming out is for you to decide when this happens, where this happens, how this happens, and who you share this with. These resources are here to support you in your coming out if/when you decide the time is right for you. 

What resources exist on campus? 

Many amazing resources exist both on and off campus for LGBTQIA2S+ students, staff, and faculty! Check out the Pride Center Resource List Website for resources including but not limited to trans-affirming housing, changing your name on campus, support groups through the University, local resources in the Inland Empire, national resources and organizations, leadership opportunities on campus, and more!  

Can I change my gender marker on documents while at the university?  

At the moment there is no formal process to change your gender marker systematically. However, you can change it manually in some systems. 

Is there a process or form that I can submit to change my pronouns across all online platforms? 

At this time, there is no process or form that can systemically change your pronouns in the university systems. You can manually change your pronouns on different platforms. See the “Tech Support” section for instructions on how to do this on common university platforms.  

What resources do allies, families, and local community members have access to through the Pride Center?  

Allies, families, and local community members are welcome to learn from and find support in any of the online resources provided. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about LGBTQIA2S+ topics, anyone is welcome to apply for and pursue the LGBTQ Leadership Certificate through the University of Redlands. For more information about the LGBTQ Leadership Certificate visit the Online LGBTQ Leadership Certificate Website 

I am not sure which bathroom to use. Which one should I use?  

You can use the bathroom that aligns with your gender identity. Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex which extends to gender identity and sexual orientation. If you would rather not use a binary (Male or Female) restroom, the Pride Center Resource List Website has a list of all of the gender-neutral bathrooms on campus.  

I am exploring my gender and/or I am trans, which sports team am I allowed to participate in while at the University of Redlands? 

You can participate on the team that aligns with your gender identity under specific requirements. Title IX prohibits discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity so this should protect trans athletes. However, there currently is no federal law or policy that specifically protects trans or gender-diverse athletes.

The University of Redlands is a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The NCAA protects you to be able to participate in the sport that you love while also honoring yourself. However, the NCAA does have specific standards. In a press release from January 19, 2022, the NCAA announced that any trans athlete must, “document sport-specific testosterone levels beginning four weeks before their sport's championship selections. Starting with the 2022-23 academic year, transgender student-athletes will need documented levels at the beginning of their season and a second documentation six months after the first. They will also need documented testosterone levels four weeks before championship selections. Full implementation would begin with the 2023-24 academic year”. For more see the NCAA Press Release Website 

Do I have to medically transition, pursue a legal name or gender marker change, to benefit from the resources the university offers? 

Nope! You are affirmed in your gender, name, and sexual orientation without legally or medically transitioning or pursuing a name/gender marker change. All the resources at the University of Redlands are resources that you have access to whether or not you have come out, identify as LGBTQIA2S+, socially or medically transition, or pursue a legal name or gender marker change. 

Is there an LGBTQIA2S+ graduation ceremony? 

Yes! The University has a Lavender Recognition Ceremony each year to celebrate LGBTQIA2S+ students. Students who participate will receive a lavender and rainbow stole. For more information and how to participate see the Lavender Recognition Ceremony website. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion also hosts a First-Generation Recognition Ceremony and a Students of Color Recognition Ceremony. Visit the CDI Commencement Events Website for more information.  

I am getting a gender-affirming procedure and I do not want to be penalized in my classes, what do I do? 

If you need time off for a gender-affirming procedure, you should contact the Academic Success and Accessibility office. Academic accommodations can be made with a doctor’s or surgeon’s note to establish supportive accommodations as you recover. Accommodations can include but are not limited to: having a note-taker, extensions on deadlines, working with that professor through the office of Academic Success and Accessibility on negotiating absences, etc. For more information, head to the Academic Success and Accessibility Website 

I would like to build some LGBTQIA2S+ community and participate in LGBTQIA2S+ events. What LGBTQIA2S+ programming does the university offer? 

The Pride Center hosts events every semester! In the past, the Pride Center had a gender-affirming clothing swap, drag bingo, guest speakers like Laverne Cox, National Coming Out Day celebrations, Pride Parades, arts & crafts, and more. To find out about the events happening this semester visit the Pride Center located in Hunsaker or contact Peter Tupou at and Monique Stennis at   

What resources exist in the local community for LGBTQIA2S+ folks? 

The Pride Center Resource List includes a section entitled, “Local Organizations and Coalitions.” This section shares descriptions and where to get in touch with local groups that focus on community building, advocacy, support, and more! Visit the Pride Center Resource List Website