About CDI

Campus Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) serves as a catalyst to create a campus where the concepts of diversity and inclusion are welcomed and valued, with the understanding that this work is not easy; creating change is a challenging process.

History of CDI

Over the years, the functions undertaken by Campus Diversity and Inclusion have been covered by the University's Equal Opportunity Officer and, with the creation of the Multicultural Center, by the Director of Multicultural Affairs.

In the past five years, the University has moved to the current model: a department of Campus Diversity and Inclusion. CDI encompasses campus-wide programming, the Multicultural, Pride and Women's Centers, International Student Services, Native Student Programs, as well as First Generation Student Programs.


CDI Intern Principles

  • Be Kind. We treat each other, our team, and ourselves with respect and empathy. Each person belongs and each voice matters.
  • Integrity. Be honest, be transparent, be candid, and absolutely respect confidentiality.
  • Listen. Practice active and positive listening. Avoid defensive responses to criticism.
  • Speak up. Open and vigorous debate and discussion prior to decisions, and faithful implementation thereafter.
  • Collaborative. Consult with affected constituencies before decisions are made. Vet proposed ideas before bringing them to the collective. Use supervisors individually and interns collectively as sounding boards for difficult decisions and issues.
  • Accountability. Respond promptly and openly to inquiries from students, colleagues, and supervisors.
  • Exemplary Execution. In all that we do, aspire to exemplary execution and representing CDI in a first-class, professional, and authentic manner.
  • Living on Common Ground. We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. We strive for excellence and recognize that our differences make us stronger. We respect and seek out inclusion of differences, realizing we can learn from each other. We insist on a culture of respect, and recognize that words and actions matter.