Pride Center Resource List

The CDI Pride Center Resource List is community-informed by the current and past LGBTQIA2S+ community at the University of Redlands.

Our philosophy: For students, staff, and faculty to be supported in the classroom and workplace, they must be supported outside the classroom and workplace. With a directory of on-campus, local, and national resources, we intend to provide as much information and sources of support to meet the fundamental needs and aspirations of our Redlands LGBTQIA2S+ community.

Resources on Campus

Map of Accessible Bathrooms on Campus

The interactive campus map includes an option to see where all of the Accessible Restrooms are on campus by selecting “Accessibility” and then “Accessible Restrooms” from the main map. The hyperlink below automatically displays the accessible restrooms.

See Accessible Restroom Campus Map

All-Gender Restrooms on Campus

This is a comprehensive list of the all-gender restrooms and where they are located on campus. This list also specifies whether the restroom has a stall or a urinal:  

Alumni House
First Floor, One Stall
Second Floor, One Stall

Anderson Hall
3 Different Restrooms:
First Floor, One Stall
First Floor, One Stall, One Urinal
Second Floor, One Stall
Third Floor, One Stall

Armacost Library
3rd Floor, One Stall

Bekins Hall
Basement, Two Stalls
First Floor, One Stall
Second Floor, Three Stalls

Brockton Apartments
First Floor Lobby, One Stall

California Hall
Basement, Four Stalls
Second Floor, Three Stalls, One Urinal

Cortner Hall
Two Different Restrooms: First Floor, One Stall

Duke Hall
First Floor, One Stall

East Hall
First Floor, One Stall
First Floor, Two Stalls

Energy Center
First Floor, One Stall

Fairmont Hall
First Floor, Two Stalls

Fine Arts
Two Different Restrooms: First Floor, One Stall

Founders Hall
First Floor, One Stall, One Urinal

Gannett Center
First Floor, One Stall, One Urinal
First Floor, One Stall

Grossmont Hall
Two Different Restrooms: First Floor, Two Stalls
Second Floor, Three Stalls
Third Floor, Three Stalls

Hedco Hall
Basement Floor, One Stall

Holt Hall
First Floor, One Stall, One Urinal
Two Different Restrooms: First Floor, Three Stalls
First Floor, Two Stalls
Two Different Restrooms: Second Floor, Three Stalls
Two Different Restrooms: Third Floor, Three Stalls

Hornby Hall
Two Different Restrooms: Second Floor, One Stall

Irvine Commons
First Floor, One Stall

Larsen Hall
First Floor, Three Stalls

Melrose Hall
First Floor, Two Stalls, One Urinal

Memorial Chapel
Two Different Restrooms: First Floor, One Stall
Balcony, One Stall

Memorial Chapel Annex
First Floor, One Stall

Merriam Hall
First Floor, Two Stalls
First Floor, One Stall, One Urinal
First Floor, Two Stalls, Three Urinals

North Hall
First Floor, Two Stalls
First Floor, One Stall, One Urinal
First Floor, Three Stalls, Two Urinals
Second Floor, Three Stalls, Two Urinals

Student Health Center
Seven Different Restrooms: First Floor, One Stall

Theatre Arts Building
Second Floor, One Stall

Thompson Aquatic Center
First Floor, One Stall

Truesdail Speech Center
First Floor, One Stall

Watchorn Hall
First Floor, One Stall

Wallichs Theatre
First Floor, One Stall

Williams Hall
First Floor, Two Stalls, Two Urinals
First Floor, One Stall

Willis Center
Two Different Restrooms: First Floor, One Stall

See All-Gender and Accessible Restroom Campus Map

Trans Inclusive Housing Policy

The University of Redlands offers housing in accordance with your gender identity. The Pride Center and Residence Life and Housing work together to support finding the best fit for every student when it comes to living arrangements. 

Trans Inclusive Housing Policy Website


The CARE Team at the University of Redlands helps support students who are in distress. The CARE Teams works with the student to create an individualized support system that connects students to campus resources.  

CARE Team Website

Name Change Process

The name change process helps students change their name on class rosters, grade rosters, advisee listings, MyRedlands, Moodle, email display, login name, and may also appear in the University of Redlands’ promotional materials, news releases, and related systems. The University will continue to use your legal first name within your academic record, diploma, official transcripts, enrollment verifications, financial record, and in most third-party database systems.   

First Name Change Request Website

Support Groups for Students

The dates and times of the support groups vary from semester to semester. For any questions about the support groups, please reach out to the specific folks listed under the group you are interested in. 

LGBTQIA+ Support Group

Safe and confidential space to discuss coming out, being out, relationships, family, community, discrimination, and self-acceptance. If you are interested, contact Matt at

Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Group

For students who are exploring and/or identify as transgender, gender fluid, and/or gender nonconforming in their identity and expression. Topics include coming out to oneself and others, identity-affirming relationships, coping with gender binary norms, accessing health and social services, issues related to the transitioning process, and negotiating gendered environments. If you are interested, contact Matt at

Drug & Alcohol Support Group

This group offers the opportunity to process the impact substances have had both personally and academically on your life. Gain psychoeducation and coping skills to decrease the current negative effects that drugs and alcohol have. Gain skills to address self-defeating thinking, emotions, and actions through self-empowerment. If you are interested, contact Matt at

Grief Group

For students who have lost someone to death recently or are impacted by a past loss. We focus on sharing experiences and learning about the grieving process and ways to cope. Validation of your feelings is a crucial aspect of this group. If you are interested, contact Matt at

Social Survival Group

This group is a supportive environment for students to practice assertive communication skills and increase their confidence in managing social situations. Learn how to recognize non-verbal cues as well as social norms. If you are interested, contact Matt at

Empowerment Group

TW: Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking

For survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, and child abuse. Receive support, take part in healing activities, and build resilience. Share your story– or feel free not to. If you are interested, contact Matt at

Counseling Center

Student Development Center (Armacost Library)

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 

Appointment Times
Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Phone: 909-748-8108

24/7 Crisis Line

Counseling Center Website

Student Health Resources

Student Health Center Website

Please follow the link below to learn more about Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), Local Medical Care Providers, Immunization Information Resources, Timely Care Medical Care, the University's Vaccination Policy, and Pharmacy Resources.

Student Health Resources Website


Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund, intended as a financial resource for students with unique needs, reflects the kindness and commitment of generous donors. All enrolled University of Redlands students who are unable to meet immediate, essential needs due to a temporary hardship that is, for example, related to an unforeseen or emergency situation, are eligible to seek the support they need. Requests for funding are reviewed by a Case Manager who meets with the student applicant to gather information that informs their decision. The financial support provided is not considered a loan and does not require repayment; however, some funds may be considered income and are therefore subject to federal taxes.

Student Support Fund Application

Gender Inclusive Form

Review the below resource of steps on how to create a gender-affirming form and why this matters. 

How to Create a Gender Inclusive Form

Additional Resources

Local Organizations and Coalitions

Borrego Health

Borrego Health is a medical health provider that offers an array of general medical services. They also offer specialty care for people who have HIV/AIDS/Hep C. Additionally, Borrego Health provides gender-affirming and trans-affirming care. 

Borrego Health Website

C&C Center for Healing

C&C Center for Healing is a group based out of Redlands that organizes social and support groups for LGBTQ+ Teens and Adults.

C&C Center for Healing Instagram


ChICCCAA stands for Chicano Indigenous Community for Culturally Conscious Advocacy & Action in ways that center on healing, decolonization, empowerment, and queer solidarity.

ChICCCAA Instagram

Creative Insights Counseling 

Creative Insights Counseling provides counseling, workshops, supervision, and training that serve the LGBTQIA2S+ community.  Both in-person and telehealth options are available. Creative Insights Counseling does not accept university health insurance but does offer their services to students on a sliding scale. 

Creative Insights Counseling Website

F.A.C.T.S. Teen Resource List by Teen Clinic

This resource list by Teen Clinic includes mental health resources, healthy relationship and safety resources, reproductive and sexual health resources, and substance abuse resources all here in the Inland Empire.  

Teen Resource List by Teen Clinic

Free Mom Hugs SoCal

Free mom hugs is an organization composed of moms who are allies to the LGBTQ+ community. They are affirming, offer education, and offer celebratory hugs. 

Free Mom Hugs SoCal Instagram 

Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP)

Inland Empire Health Plan is a health plan that provides local medical services that include trans and gender-affirming care. 

Inland Empire Health Plan Website

IE Hope Collective 

The IE Hope Collective provides mutual aid to queer houseless/homeless, foster, and refugee youth. 

IE Hope Collective Instagram 

IE Prism Collective

This collective organizes events that are community-centered for Queer Trans People of Color (QTPOC) youth in the Inland Empire. The IE Prism Collective also hosts support groups for queer and trans young adults. They focus on bringing folks together through discussion, engagement, support, and community building.

IE Prism Collective Website

IE Prism Collective Instagram 

Inland Empire Region Equality Network (I.R.E.N.)

Inland Empire Region Equality Network supports initiatives that strengthen LGBTQ rights in the Inland Empire.

Inland Empire Region Equality Network Facebook

Inland Empire Region Equality Network Instagram

Joshua Home

Joshua Home is an organization committed to helping LGBTQ+ youth in the Inland Empire find gender-inclusive housing opportunities and solutions. They host programming for houseless LGBTQ+ youth in the Inland Empire including offering mental health support, mentoring, academic and job assessment, backpacks/travel bags with clothing, personal hygiene products, and more. 

Joshua Home Website

Kaiser Southern California

If you have Kaiser insurance, Kaiser offers a range of gender-affirming medical care including access to Gender-Affirming-Hormone-Replacement-Therapy (GAHART/HRT), gender-affirming surgeries, mental health resources, and more. More and more of Kaiser’s staff is being trained to be affirming in the care they are providing in addition to all of the gender-affirming services they offer. Kaiser is a medical provider that offers primary and specialty care for Kaiser members. 

Southern California Kaiser Gender Health Services Website

LGBTQ+ Center of Riverside County

LGBTQ+ Center of Riverside County hosts community-building events and works to create safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community, friends, and family. They also offer support groups, workshops, and trainings.

LGBTQ+ Center of Riverside County Website

LGBTQ+ Center of Riverside County Instagram

Michelle McNevin LCSW (she/her)

Michelle McNevin LCSW specializes in providing counseling to the queer community. Calling from personal experience Michelle offers a safe and affirming practice for folks who are LGBTQ+ and friends and family. 

Michelle McNevin LCSW Website


There is a PFLAG in Temecula. There is also a PFLAG in the San Gabriel Valley that is an Asian Pacific Islander Chapter. PFLAG is a support group for parents and friends of people who are LGBTQ+. 

PFLAG Temecula Website

PFLAG API Chapter San Gabriel Valley Website

Planned Parenthood San Bernardino

Planned Parenthood San Bernardino offers abortions, birth control, STI/STD testing/treatment/vaccines, vasectomies, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and pregnancy services, gender-affirming hormone replacement therapy, primary care, trans care, and reproductive healthcare for all. 

Planned Parenthood San Bernardino Website

Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance (R.P.Y.A.)

Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance supports LGBTQ youth of the Inland Empire through support groups, events, educational and activist resources, and free resources like their free binder program. 

Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance Website

Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance Instagram

Redlands LGBTQIA

An online community that promotes and organizes local LGBTQIA Redlands and Inland Empire events.

Redlands LGBTQIA Instagram

Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride 

Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that brings the community together through organizing LGBTQ+ events, community service, and action. 

Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Website

Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Instagram

Riverside University Health System Transgender Health Services

Riverside University Health System partners with IEHP, Medi-Cal, and Medicare to offer primary care and specialty care to LGBTQ+ clients. Through Riverside University Health System Transgender Health Services they offer behavioral health services, hormone regulation, gender-affirming surgery, and sexual and reproductive health services. Riverside University Health System is connected to 13 community health centers across the Inland Empire to find providers that are both affirming and accessible to your geographic location. 

Riverside University Health System Transgender Health Services Pamphlet 

Royalty on the Roof 

Royalty on the Roof hosts an annual celebration of Trans lives and stories for Trans Day of Remembrance on the third weekend of November at Riverside City Hall's Grier Pavilion.

Royalty on the Roof Facebook

Teen Clinic

Teen Clinic offers free birth control, safer sex protection, STD/STI testing, period products, and free medical and counseling services. Visit their Instagram page for more information and clinic hours. 

Teen Clinic Instagram


TruEvolution fights for LGBTQ and racial justice within healthcare. They offer support groups and therapy, have a behavioral health clinic, emergency housing program, HIV Care, PrEP, & prevention services.

TruEvolution Website

TruEvolution Instagram

Yucaipa Rainbow Coalition

Yucaipa Rainbow Coalition hosts community-building events for queer youth.

Yucaipa Rainbow Coalition Instagram

National Organizations

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) LGBTQ Organizations


Anti-Racism and Abolition 


Matthew Shepard Foundation Website

Bisexual Organizations

Crisis Support & Mental Health

LGBTQIA2S+ Centers National Resource

CenterLink Website 

Disability LGBTQIA2S+ Organizations


Family & Allies

Film & Media

Gender Affirming

Gender & Sexuality Research Organizations



Intersex Organizations


Immigrant Equality Website





Military & Veteran

Mutual Aid and Emergency Funds

Outdoor Organizations

Spirituality and Religion

Workplace Equality

Out & Equal Website

LGBTQ Educational Scholarships

Campus Pride

Search for school-specific, national, and regional scholarships for LGBTQ+ students and students who do work that serve the LGBTQ+ community. 

Campus Pride Scholarship Database Website

Human Rights Campaign Scholarship Database

The Human Rights Campaign created a database for scholarships, fellowships, and grants. These funding opportunities are for both undergraduate and graduate LGBTQ+ and allied students.

Human Rights Campaign Scholarship Database Website

Greater Boston PFLAG Scholarship

The Greater Boston PFLAG awards one scholarship to a high school senior who has demonstrated leadership in improving their community’s climate for LGBTQ+ youth. 

Greater Boston PFLAG Scholarship

College Scholarships for LGBTQ Students  

College Scholarships for LGBTQ Students features scholarships for undergraduate students, graduate students, degree-specific scholarships, and general scholarships.  

College Scholarships for LGBTQ Students

Student Organizations and Clubs