Book Lending Program

The Book Lending Program is an initiative to ensure the academic success of every student. Funded through alumni donations, this program provides books for students who could not otherwise afford to purchase them. Books are returned at the end of the course, to be used by other students the next semester. When needed, the program may cover other classroom necessities, such as lab fees. The program works alongside the library and faculty members to ensure the availability of books and classrooms materials.


Students interested in utilizing the program must make an appointment. Email requests will not be accepted. Selected dates at the beginning of the semester will be available and advertised. Request for books will only be accepted during this window of time, except for special circumstance cases. The program is open to all students in need, although priority is given to first years.

Prior to your appointment:

  • Look up your books soon after you register for classes. It helps you visualize the amount of books you need and the potential cost.

  • The bookstore website will start posting books online as soon as professors make them available. Contact your professor directly if your books are not posted after a few weeks. For yearlong courses, ask if the book changes from fall to spring semester.

  • Searching for books is easier using the ISBN number, giving you the exact book that you need. When in doubt, ask your professor(s) if old editions of books are accepted.

  • Determine the total cost of books per semester and how much you would be able to pay out of pocket.

  • Print out your class schedule and bring with you


The Book Lending Program vows to work alongside faculty in supplying the necessary classroom materials for students. Because of the high demand of subject specific books, we welcome any details about your book list prior to the beginning of the semester. This ensures that we are prepared to serve our students as efficiently and promptly as possible.

Participating students who have ordered books online through the program will be given a book receipt detailing the book title and anticipated book arrival. Due to the high volume of books ordered online by the program, arrival of books may take two to three weeks. The program will work alongside faculty to find supplemental materials during this waiting period.

For more information, please contact: at 909-748-8257.