I'm Going to College (K-8)


I'm Going to College (IGTC) is a group tour designed to introduce K-8 students (elementary and middle school) to the benefits of a college education. Interns and volunteers from the Office for Inclusion & Community (OIC) guide students and chaperones throughout the historic main campus in Redlands. Lunch is available upon request. The program aims to plant the seed of college in the minds of young students so that they are already familiar with the benefits of higher education by the time they enter high school.

In the 2022-2023 academic year, twenty schools participated in IGTC, including students from Pomona, Cochella Valley, and Lake Elsinore. There were 1,222 participants and 150 chaperones


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a IGTC campus tour include?

  • A student guided two-mile walk (uphill and downhill) to the academic buildings, student center, library, and dining facilities. Additional locations available upon request.
  • Q&A/Round Robin session with U of R students about:
    • Academics
    • Admissions and Financial Aid
    • Athletics
    • Greek Life
    • Residence Life
    • Student Life

What are the days and times of IGTC Campus Tours?

Tours are on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. to accommodate the availability of the U of R students.

What time do I need to have my group on-campus to ensure that we make our 10 a.m. start time?

Groups need to be on campus by 9:45 a.m.

What is the ratio of students and chaperones?

Ten students per one, school staff, volunteer or chaperone

How should the students and chaperones dress when participating in IGTC?

 We recommend that each school wear their school t-shirts so that IGTC Volunteers can easily identify them. Since the tour is a walking tour, comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

What are the roles of the (k-8) students?

The IGTC campus tour is an interactive experience that requires active participation from all students. It is an excellent opportunity for students to gain a greater understanding of what it means to attend a University to pursue higher education. We ask students to maintain respect throughout the tour, follow safety guidelines, and positively conduct themselves in outdoor and indoor campus locations.

What are the roles of the (k-8) chaperones?

To ensure students’ safety and attention is maintained throughout the visit.

What can we anticipate from the IGTC campus tour volunteer? 

Volunteers are University of Redlands students; they provide engaging insights into the tour, adding their experiences at the University of Redlands. Volunteers will also adhere to providing respectful and fun activities for the students and chaperone visitors. ALL volunteers will represent the University of Redlands in the university colors and our Community Principles.

What are your Community Principles?

Developed by the interns in the Office for Inclusion & Community, the student volunteers will be following these community principles:

  • Be Kind.
  • Integrity.
  • Speak up.
  • Collaborative.
  • Accountability.
  • Exemplary Execution.
  • Living on Common Ground.

When is the copy of the Certificate of Insurance (COI) due? And, who do I email it to?

The COI must be emailed to igtc@redlands.edu by the Monday before your Friday tour.

How much does lunch in the dining hall cost?

We offer an all-you-care-to-eat dining experience at Harvest Table, also called the Table at the Irvine Commons (Commons). The menu is diverse and includes some of the finest ingredients available in southern California. The current cost for this experience is $17.45.

*Prices change every academic year and will updated annually. 

What kinds of food is part of the all-you-care-to-eat dining experience?

  • A full salad bar, yogurt bar, fruitas and house-made aqua frescas
  • Dedicated vegetarian and vegan station called Plant Power
  • Fresh baked goods are available every day from the in-house pastry chefs
  • Three different stations:
    • Street Grill which is like a food truck, with sandwiches and lots of handheld favorites: burgers, burritos, quesadillas, tacos, or chicken sandwiches
    • Sauté station is a made to order omelets in the mornings, then lunch and dinner could be a variety of pastas, stir fry’s, and more.
    • Allgood station, where all your familiar favorite entrees are served. Everything at this station is made with ingredients that do not contain the top nine most common allergens – milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish or soy and sesame – so you can eat confidently if you have any allergies or sensitivities.
    • Plaza station there are made to order sandwiches and the Pizza Oven station. It’s not just pizza but baked pastas and our chef’s special creations.

What if I want to see a Table menu?

Menus are available online at Home - University of Redlands Dining. Menu options are available several days in advance, with all the corresponding nutritional info, as well as a list of the local farms and partners that provided the ingredients.

How do I go about ordering lunch at the Table? At registration you will indicate whether your group will be dining at the Table or bringing a sack lunch. If you are dining at the Table, you may pay as a group or individually.

What forms of payment do you accept for lunch at the Table?

School check, cash, or credit card

Group Payment Option for Lunch at the Table

  • For groups of 50 or more, we require a credit card or group check for payment. Please ensure you have the card details ready when making the reservation.
  • A check payable to Harvest Table can either be mailed to Harvest Table 14 business days before your visit. Or, you may bring the check with you on the day of your visit. Please note: Entry into the Table is permitted upon receipt of the payment.

Individual Payment Option for Lunch at the Table

Please reach out to Harvest Table with further inquiries:
tapanes-kristin@harvesttableculinary.com or 909.748.8955

Where do I mail the check for the group lunch? 

1259 E. Colton Avenue Redlands, CA 92374 Atten: Harvest Table.
You can also pay by card by calling: 909.748.8955

What are the Table Safety Policies?

  • Be patient in lines and respectful of others
  • Be mindful that others are waiting too and only take a small amount, it is all you care to eat so you can come back for more.
  • Please clean up your table
  • Pick up plates/dishware/trash and place in the proper bins
  • Separate recyclables (aluminum cans, plastic bottles, paper, and glass bottles)
  • Landfill (napkins, straws and chip bags)
  • Compost (any food scraps only) Compost bins must only contain food scraps, or it cannot be used for compost at our local farms.
  • Service ware scraped and placed on conveyer belt
  • No running
  • No food to-go

How may I reach Harvest Table directly? 

Please email tapanes-kristin@harvesttableculinary.com or 909.748.8955

What other dining options are available during my IGTC tour?

Visitors are welcomed to bring their own packed lunches and snacks. They will be eating at a campus location. No outside food is permitted inside The Table.

On the day of our visit, what are the logistics to the Commons?

At 11:30am, students and chaperones will be expected to line up quietly in front of the Commons. Each student will be ushered into the Commons, a specific area has been allocated for all visitors to sit and dine. Observing the rules and expectations of dining in the Commons is vital as visitors will be dining alongside university community. Ensuring that visitors are lined up at 11:30 am will ensure that they area accommodated before the rush hour of 12pm.

Who is my tour contact and phone number? 

The tour contact and phone number will be provided via email 24 hours before your arrival to the University of Redlands. For immediate assistance, you may contact the Office for Inclusion & Community Associate Director at 909-748-8468 or email address.

Will there be an opportunity for our students to visit and purchase items from the University?

Yes. Arrangement need to be confirmed on the Monday before your Friday visit.

Will there be photos taken of our group? 

Group photos featuring k-8 students are not permitted to be taken by any U of R representative.