Suspicious Package

A suspicious package is a package or envelope that arouses the suspicion of the receiver because of some indicator(s). It may or may not be preceded by letter or telephone threats or warnings. It may simply be poorly addressed, or it may be a hoax. Conversely, it may contain an explosive, or a chemical, biological, or radiological substance. Some characteristics which ought to trigger suspicion include parcels or letters that have the following indicators:

If you suspect an object to be a bomb, follow the steps below:

  1. DO NOT handle or touch the object.

  2. DO NOT use cell phones, pagers, or two-way radios in the vicinity of any suspected explosive device. Turn cell phones off. Use land-line phones only.

  3. Do not allow others in the vicinity of any suspected explosive device. Clear the area immediately.

  4. Contact Public Safety (909-748-8888) and give the dispatcher a description of the object and its exact location. Follow the instructions of emergency personnel.

If you suspect a letter or parcel contains a biological, chemical, or radiological agent, follow the steps below:

  1. Do not sniff, smell, shake, or empty the contents.

  2. If you have not opened it, place it in a container or plastic bag.

  3. If any material spills out, DO NOT clean it up or brush off your clothes. Wash or rinse your hands.

  4. If you have opened it and it claims to have contaminated you, but there is no substance seen or felt, chances are you have not been contaminated. Regardless of whether a substance has been identified, do not disturb the suspect item any further.

  5. If you have touched the package or its contents, do not touch your face. Minimize contact with unnecessary objects.

  6. Turn off any fans circulating air.

  7. Prevent others from entering the area.

  8. Notify Public Safety (909-748-8888).

  9. Evacuate the immediate area, but stay in the vicinity to avoid spreading contaminant or contaminating others.

  10. If possible, wash your hands with soap and water.

  11. Do not share incident information with individuals not directly affected.

  12. Provide a list of all individuals in the area when the suspicious letter/parcel was recognized to law enforcement.

If notified to evacuate because of a bomb threat or suspicious package:

  1. Follow the directions of emergency personnel.

  2. Turn off any cell phones and do not use radio communication.

  3. Take personal belongings with you.

  4. Before you leave, make a cursory inspection of your area for any unfamiliar/suspicious items. DO NOT touch any suspicious packages. Report any suspicious item to a Public Safety officer or other emergency responders.

  5. Do not turn on or off lights; leave light switches in their position. Turn off electrical equipment if time permits.

  6. DO NOT change the setting of your thermostat. Leave it in the position that it is in.

  7. Leave doors and windows open.