Civil Disturbances or Demonstrations

  1. Most demonstrations are usually peaceful; everyone should attempt to carry on business as normally as possible.

  2. Avoid provoking or obstructing the demonstrators.

  3. A threatening disturbance should be reported immediately to Public Safety (909-748-8888). The following actions should also be taken:
    • Alert all persons in the area to the situation.
    • Lock all doors and windows.
    • Close blinds to prevent flying glass.
    • Secure all files, documents, and equipment.
    • Stand by for further instructions.
    • When ordered by Public Safety, cease operations and follow the directions given by Public Safety or local law enforcement.

  4. Public Safety will assess the situation and confer with appropriate personnel, if available, and if time permits. Participants who refuse to disperse may be arrested if violations of any city, county, or state laws have occurred.

  5. If a class is disrupted, call Public Safety (909-748-8888).