The Zanja Creek cuts across the southern part of campus and is at risk of overflowing its bank during times of heavy rainfall and reservoir water release. Low-lying areas of the campus are also prone to urban flooding. In the case of weather-related flooding Public Safety will monitor the National Weather Service and other weather advisories to determine necessary action.

If indoors:

  1. If notified that flooding is possible take preventative measures to minimize flood damage. Move objects off the ground and take small or light objects out of the affected area. The Building Manager and/or Facilities Management will identify a temporary shelter to house materials.

  2. Be prepared to move your vehicle if certain parking areas are at risk of being flooded.

  3. Be prepared to evacuate your office at a moments notice if your building lies in a known flood zone. If there is any possible danger or if given the order to do so, evacuate the building.

  4. If evacuation is directed, unplug all electrical equipment, if safe to do so. If there are electrical appliances or electrical outlets in any flooded area do not proceed. There is an extreme danger of electrical shock. Do not touch any electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water. Secure vital records and take personal belongings with you.

  5. Do not return to the building or work area until instructed to do so by Public Safety or Facilities Management staff.

If outdoors:

  1. Do not try to walk or drive through flooded areas. Stay away from moving water. The sheer force of just 6 inches of swiftly moving water can knock people off their feet. Cars are easily swept away in just 2 feet of water.

  2. Stay away from flooded areas unless authorities ask for volunteers.

  3. Stay away from downed power lines.

  4. Be aware of areas where flood waters may have receded and may have weakened road surfaces.

  5. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water if you come in contact with flood waters.

After the flood:

Only authorized University personnel are allowed access to flood-damaged buildings and areas. Avoid flooded areas. Flood waters often undermine foundations, causing sinking; floors can crack or break, buildings can collapse, and roads can crumble. Report broken utility lines to Public Safety (909-748-8888) or Facilities Management (909-748-8020). Do not throw away any flood-damaged items until an official inventory has been taken.