Salzburg Faculty Fellows 

Fall 2013: Joseph Magedanz, Fin de siècle: Vienna 1900*
Spring 2014: Alisa Slaughter, Artistic Journeys: Europe Central

Fall 2014: Gerry Groshek (School of Business), European Business and Economics
Spring 2015: Nancy Carrick, Greek Stories in Plays and Vase Painting  

Fall 2015: Tony Mueller, From Austria to Oz – Social Justice in American Musical Theatre
Spring 2016: Kelly Hankin, “The Whole World Within Reach”: Travel, Tourism, and the Moving Image

Fall 2016: Joanna Bieri, Mathematics in Art, Architecture, and Music
Spring 2017: Fred Rabinowitz, Salzburg: A Psychological and Interpersonal Journey

Fall 2017: Graeme Auton, Contemporary Issues in the New Europe
Spring 2018: Patrick Wing, The Ottomans in Europe:  Nationalism, Islam, and Empire

Fall 2018: Joanna Bieri, Mathematics in Art, Architecture, and Music
Spring 2019: William Lowman & Tony Mueller, Austrian Films and Heimatfilme in Cultural Context 

Fall 2019: Steven Morics, Mathematics, and Music
Spring 2020: Fred Rabinowitz, Salzburg: European Psychology: Psychoanalytic, Existential, and Interpersonal Perspectives

Fall 2020:Tim Krantz, Sustainability in Austria: Learning by Living
Spring 2021: Julie Shuler, Understanding Disability: International Connections and Communities

Fall 2021: Chris Beach, Examining Vienna: Lusthaus
Spring 2022: Bryce Ryan, Central Europe: An Incubator of Scientific Genius

Fall 2022: Joe Magedanz, Not on the Mayflower: Austrians to America
Spring 2023: Julie Shuler, Understanding Health Geography and Access: International Connections and Communities

Fall 2023: Hongwei Lu, Outdoor and Environmental Films
Spring 2024: Scott Randolph, Case Studies in Austrian and Central European Business Enterprise: Navigating Competitive Niches within an International Economy