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14th Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision (IICCS)

The 14th annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision (IICCS) conference held on July 29th and 31st gathered mental health educators, practitioners and researchers from the U.S. and around the world to engage in meaningful clinical-supervision dialogue. Its 350+ registrants included individuals from Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovinian, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Japan and many more.

In spite of the challenges of holding a virtual conference of this magnitude, the conference succeeded in bringing to light a plethora of interesting topics. The first plenary session, “COVID-10’s Effects on Supervision Practice Now and into the Future: An International Perspective,” moderated by Dr. Hideko Sera, included presenters from Aigle Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Beijing Normal University and University of Washington. Plenary panelists, Drs. Héctor Fernández-Alvarez, Jianping Wang, and Tony Rousmaniere shared common mental health practices and gave an in-depth overview of the direct and in-direct impacts on clinical supervision during the global pandemic. Other presentations, roundtable discussions and poster sessions included a wide variety of global topics including telemental health counseling, racial trauma, relational humility and the role of spirituality in clinical supervision.  

The 2020 virtual IICCSS conference upheld its promise to breakdown silos and contribute to the “signature pedagogy” of clinical supervision. It brought forth discussions that invite a global call to reanalyze and rethink how we conceive of clinical supervision. Optimism echoed throughout the conference, and it became clear that in times of crisis, comes great opportunity. Experts from many different fields have an opportunity to re-shape practices, learn from cultural frameworks and develop new learning methods by working together.   


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