Students in the Bachelor of Music in Composition degree program undergo intense, professional training in all facets of composition. Each student has a weekly private lesson and also participates in the Composition Studio Class, which meets weekly to discuss topics in the field of composition and contemporary music. Each semester, the studio presents a student-produced recital where works completed that term are performed and recorded at a public concert. All composition majors continue study on their major instrument, and are expected to perform at a very high level. The philosophy of the University of Redlands Composition Studio embraces and promotes a high level of musicianship, stylistic diversity, technical proficiency, musical sensitivity, aesthetic engagement, and creating a positive, supportive space for musical growth.

Basic Music Courses (all majors) plus:

  • MUS 438 Composition-12 credits

  • MUAP 300–399 Private Instruction on the Major Instrument or Voice-8 credits

  • MUS 208 Computer Music-4 credits

  • MUS 299 Upper Division Qualifying Examination-0 credits

  • MUS 354 Counterpoint-4 credits

  • MUS 356 Orchestration-4 credits

  • MUS 399A Junior Recital-0 credits

  • MUS 406 Twentieth Century Music Literature-4 credits

  • MUS 498A Full Senior Recital-0 credits

  • Appropriate conducted ensemble-8 credits

  • Chamber Ensemble-4 credits