Transfer Music Students

The Conservatory of Music accepts several transfer students each year. Follow the steps outlined below and read the General Guidelines for Music Transfer Students carefully to complete a successful transfer application.

Step 1: Complete the Application
Follow the instructions for transfer application and admittance to the University on the admissions website.

In an ongoing effort to support transfer students, the University of Redlands has established Articulation Agreements with many of our local community colleges. These agreements list the acceptable courses that will both transfer and fulfill specified Liberal Arts Foundation requirements. If we do not have an Articulation Agreement with your college, you may use any of these agreements as a general guideline for your course selection.

Step 2: Complete the Music Application
Read the audition requirements and submit the music application at the same time as the campus application. More information can be found on the Conservatory of Music Web site under the how to apply section.

Step 3: Audition
Students applying for the fall semester should submit a video audition by March 1st. Spring applicants should submit a video audition by December 1st. If you have any questions about the application and audition process contact the Director of Music Admissions by email or phone at 909.748.8014.

General Guidelines for Music Transfer Students:

  • The Bachelor of Music degree, in Performance, Composition, and Music Education, is based on eight (8) semesters of lessons and ensembles. If you do not have transferable credits for these areas you may still need to study for four (4) years at the University of Redlands.

  • The audition will be a major factor in determining what academic year (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) transfer students are placed in.

  • All Bachelor of Music students are required to take the Upper Divisional Qualifying (UDQ) exam at the end of their Sophomore year. If you are auditioning to enter as a Junior the audition will also be considered as your UDQ exam.

  • The Bachelor of Music requires 30 credits in Liberal Arts Foundation, (non-music) courses. Transfer students, especially those from junior colleges, are encouraged to transfer as soon and early as possible to avoid adding un-necessary years to their study.

Each transfer situation is unique. Please contact the Director of Admissions for the School of Performing Arts by email or phone at 909.748.8014 to discuss your situation or to set up a meeting.