Double-Degree Program

Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

The double-degree program is a five-year course of study where students can pursue pre-professional studies in music as well as a liberal arts degree within the College of Arts and Sciences. Upon completing the program, students are awarded both the Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

Admission Requirements

Students must be accepted for study in the College of Arts and Sciences and in the Conservatory of Music's Bachelor of Music program. Students may not select the Bachelor of Arts in Music and Bachelor of Music as their double-degree program. The second degree must be in a different discipline.


  • A minimum of 158 hours is required for graduation.

  • Completion of all requirements for the major in each degree program.

  • Fulfillment of all of the requirements for the Liberal Arts Foundation as specified for the Bachelors of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree.

Declaration of Double-degree and Fifth- year Eligibility

Students need to declare their double-degree majors before the end of the fifth semester. In order to be eligible for the fifth year, students must show the completion of sufficient coursework to justify timely completion of both degrees.


Completing the double-degree program requires careful planning. Students are required to have advisors in each major field and to meet regularly with their advisors to maintain a five-year plan of study.

Disclaimer on Financial Aid

Students should be aware of the financial aid implications of this course of study. External funding by federal sources may be subject to eligibility requirements, which may preclude support for a fifth year of study. Funding from the State of California is not available for the fifth year. Consult with the office of Financial Aid before pursuing the double-degree program.

Contact Information
Brad Andrews
Conservatory of Music Admissions
(909) 748-8014