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May 16, 2022

Commencement 2022 is almost here!

Please plan to join the Commencement celebrations for our 2022 graduates. Masks are required for all indoor services.

Baccalaureate Service, Friday, May 20th at 4:00 pm in Montgomery Chapel.

Former Dean of the Seminary & Professor of Speech-Communication & Homiletics, Dr. Jana Childers, is preaching. Alumni & former SFTS Chaplain/Asst. Dean of Students, Rev. Scott Clark, is presiding over the Communion Table.

Commencement Service on Saturday, May 21st at 10:00am, in Stewart Chapel. A virtual experience will be livestreamed, available for viewing on the GST Commencement webpage.

Graduation Party on Saturday, May 21st at 7:00 pm, on Geneva Terrace. Put on your party shoes and celebrate the Class of 2022!

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Hello SFTS friends!
The end of the semester and graduation is upon us! Can you believe it? For all that has been accomplished, a celebration is in order!
Current students, staff, and of course, GRADUATES (whoop whoop!) please join us with your friends and family for a "Last Dance on the Labyrinth", Saturday, May 21st at 7pm on the Geneva Terrace! We will be celebrating all the graduates with snacks, drinks, lawn games, karaoke, and dancing! We would love to have as many people stop by for some community celebration and chill!
For all planning to attend, please submit your RSVP as soon as possible! Even if you're a maybe or are just planning to swing by- please let us know so we can plan and prepare adequately for food, set up, etc. We can't wait to see you, your best dance moves, and your signature karaoke number there! 

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Chapel Services:

This Wednesday is our last service of the school year!  1:05 pm, Montgomery Chapel. 

5/18 – Senior Sermon - Audrey Barton

We will still be available this summer for cares and concerns.

Pastoral Care

Paul and Laurie are available for pastoral care. Please contact the Chaplain’s Office at paul.gaffney@redlands.edu to schedule an appointment.  

From Lucas Walker:
Hello, all — as the end of the semester approaches, I wish you all some peace and rest in the midst! Just a quick reminder that I remain available for pastoral care and spiritual direction, including through the summer months. We can meet by phone, video, or in person. Just contact me at Lucas_Walker1@redlands.edu.

The Library

Congratulations Graduates!

Be sure to sign up for free access to the ATLA Database (great for sermon prep). 

The GTU is pleased to offer the Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials to all GTU Member School Alumni.  Please complete this form to request login credentials for these resources.  Once you have received your username and password, follow this link to login.

This password changes once per year in late September, and we will email you and let you know the new password. If you don't have the current password (or are now using a different email address), just fill out the form again and we will send it along!

Check out more library services for alumni on the GTU Library website.

Interested in Leadership? Explore Our Summer Term in the Outdoors.

Outdoor Leadership is a three-week experiential learning course offered to any student seeking to improve their leadership and interpersonal skills in the unique and challenging environment of the outdoors. Students will have the opportunity to become confident, competent, and passionate outdoor leaders by learning technical skills pertinent to wilderness leadership programs (environmental stewardship, orienteering/navigation, backcountry living skills, etc.) and practice interpersonal skills (assessing group dynamics, risk management, facilitating difficult conversations, etc.) that are necessary to become an outdoor leader. This course includes introductory day and overnight field experiences, culminating to a peer-led, student-facilitated wilderness trip.  INTERESTED? CONTACT US: INFO-SCS@REDLANDS.EDU or visit our Summer Program page at the School of Continuing Studies.

From the GTU—Upcoming Events

Holy Grounds is our place for advocacy, respite, and renewal for all members of the GST community. We hope you are enjoying the regular food deliveries we receive on a regular basis. Please stop by utilize the food provisions as needed. An outdoor food pantry is also available to the extended community. Please feel free to welcome others in need.

Please remember to observe the following COVID precautions:

  • Use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit - it is located to right of the entry door 
  • Wear a mask and gloves upon entering - both are provided at the door
  • One family at a time, limiting time indoors
  • Lock up after every use - The lock is a little tricky so please make sure it's securely locked and latched when you leave
  • Check with HG manager regarding donations of clothing, furniture, and shoes

    For help or information contact:
    Holy Grounds Manager: Ryley Moore
    Email Address: ryley_moore@redlands.edu