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Weekly Edition January 18, 2021

Message from the Dean's Office

Greetings from the Dean's office! 
We are pleased to announce a weeklong celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. this week with many exciting and fun opportunities to participate. See a full list of events here. Other noteworthy things:

  • General Registration for Spring 2021 will open January 18-29 
  • For other important calendar dates, check your U of R Academic Calendar here.
  • Writing Lounge - the school of business offers students several webinars throughout the year. Join January 27th for the next subject: "Presentation Slide Design". Check back frequently for updated subjects, meeting times and login information by visiting the Academic Services webpage. Expand the Online Writing Resources tab.
  • Jan. 26 & 27 -New Student Orientation 

Please use MyRedlands to self-register, add or drop classes - it is a much faster process than attempting to contact the Registrar directly. Need assistance? The registration guide can be found here

Covid updates to our webpage are made quite regularly and located here. We recommend you check frequently to stay up to date and in tune with campus protocol. 

The Dean's office and staff are available as needed to answer questions you might have. 

The Chaplains Office & Worship Team 
There is no worship service this week - but Chaplain Allie is around. Please reach out if you need anything! Send Interim Chaplain, Allie Utley an email or schedule a meeting via her bio page.

Office of Student Success 

Notice of upcoming housing policy and rental rate changes effective July, 2021 

The Library 
Researchers use a unique strategy to add vital sources to their literature reviews: 'pearl growing' or citation mining.

Just as an oyster converts grains of sand into a beautiful pearl, a researcher can add sources citation by citation to their literature review.

Think of it as working forwards or backwards from great books and articles you find in the library. 

Working backwards from a good article or book means looking at the bibliography checking what resources that author used. Then, you can track down those resources and perhaps refer to them in your literature review.

Working forwards from a good article or book means determining who cited the book or article you're currently looking at. Google Scholar is just one tool that lets you check the list of who cited the article. 

No matter if you work forwards or backwards, it’s always a good idea to check for gaps in the literature. Your research becomes unique partly by the way you connect various scholarly conversations to a field’s key theories and/or practices. Learn more about pearl growing & maximizing your use of Google Scholar and other tools here.

Librarians are available for in-depth research appointments or short chats or emails about any questions you have about library research. 

The GTU main library in Berkeley, CA is now offering in-person study appointments each week. Read the policies and procedures and plan your visit. Questions? Contact Librarian Stephanie Miller via email.
Holy Grounds 

Community Coffeehouse

Holy Grounds remains open during covid with limited services. For help or information contact:

Holy Grounds Manager: Chitoka Webb
Phone Number: 319-383-9066
Email Address: chitoka_webb@redlands.edu
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