Degree Programs

The Majors

The Physics department offers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Both degrees offer training in the fundamentals of physics, from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics. We strongly recommend students begin either major with General Physics I as early as possible (ideally, during their first semester). Four years from the beginning of the General Physics sequence is required to complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree. The Bachelor of Arts degree can be completed in three years, but allowing four years is preferable.

The Minors

For students who are interested in physics, but majoring in something else, we offer a physics minor.

There is currently also an astronomy minor, but we are in the process of eliminating that. We will attempt to help students who have already started the minor to finish it, but new students will not be able to complete this degree.

Single Subject Teaching Credential

Students interested in teaching physics at the high school level can combine a physics degree with a Single Subject Teaching Credential.



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