Laboratory Manual

This manual is intended for General Physics III (PHYS 233) and Advanced Experimental Physics (PHYS 349). The chapters are written as Jupyter notebooks (formerly known as IPython notebooks). Click on the links to view HTML versions of the tutorials (produced by nbviewer), where you can also download the notebook (.ipynb) files. Some sections include example Python code that you can copy and modify. Also, see the Computational Tutorials for additional information on using Python in physics courses.

Ch. 1 - Keeping a Lab Notebook

Ch. 2 - Measurement Uncertainties

Ch. 3 - Propagation of Uncertainty

Ch. 4 - Graphing

Ch. 5 - Linear Regression

Ch. 6 - Linearizing a Non-Linear Relationship

Ch. 7 - Writing a Lab Report

This manual is maintained by Alan DeWeerd.