Computer Science

The computer science program at Redlands aims to provide you with an exposure to the basic principles related to programming leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the software engineering principles through a variety of courses that expose the student to the principles and practices of the discipline. Courses currently being taught are foundation courses such as object-oriented programming, operating systems, software engineering and courses in multimedia such as introduction to multimedia, game programming, and programming for the Web.

The BA degree in computer science requires you to do a total of eight courses within the discipline along with a senior capstone course where the students get to design, develop, build and test a software package of their choice. The opportunity to work on interdisciplinary projects abound since Redlands offers courses in more than 30 different academic disciplines.

The computer science minor is designed to complement the majors in various fields of study or to stand alone as a body of courses suitable for careers in software development or computer support.