Computer Science

Computer science is the discipline that studies the concepts and techniques used in designing, analyzing, and developing software. At Redlands, students will study the fundamentals of software design and implementation, computations, and algorithms. Advanced topics are offered in areas such as data analytics, Neural Networks (AI),  mobile development, and software engineering.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

The Computer Science program offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. A minor in computer science exposes students to the foundation of the CS major and provides further opportunities to explore computer science. Explore the links to our CS program.

4+1 Master of Science in Business Analytics Pathway

Earn your MSBA while pursuing your undergraduate degree  in Computer Science . With the MSBA degree, you can harness the power of business analytics to develop meaningful insights, make effective decisions, and stand out from the competition in an increasingly data-driven world. 

4+1 Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems Pathway

The M.S. in Geographic Information Systems (MS GIS) offers Computer Science students an opportunity to gain specialized knowledge of analysis, critical theoretical foundations, and cutting-edge geospatial technologies for careers in the high growth GIS-related field, with connections to the world’s leading GIS company, Esri.

Study Abroad

At Redlands, students pursuing a CS degree have the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs in countries around the world. There are also opportunities for summer research. 


Send questions to Trish Cornez, Director of Computer Science.