Concurrent Pathway to Master of Science in Business Analytics

At Redlands, students can pursue a degree in Computer Science (B.A. or B.S.) and an M.S. Business Analytics degree concurrently. The CS program allows two courses from the graduate MS Business Analytics degree to double-count for the requirements in the B.S. and B.A. Computer Science degrees. This provides a pathway for CS students to earn an undergraduate degree in computer science along with an M.S. in Business Analytics in a total of five years.

An undergraduate degree in Computer Science combined with an M.S. in Business Analytics is a powerful tool in today’s marketplace. Together, these two degrees increase a student's career potential due  to the specialization of high-demand skills in data analytics, big data visualization, and location analytics methodologies.


  • Undergraduate CS Students are eligible for M.S. Business Analytics
  • Two courses in the CS curriculum can double-count for M.S. Business Analytics

Undergraduate CS students are eligible to apply to this program once they reach junior or senior standing. Applications to the M.S. Business Analytics program are available from Graduate Admissions.

The M.S. Business Analytics degree comprises nine courses, but Redlands allows two courses to double-count for the requirements in the B.S. or B.A. Computer Science degree.