Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The B.S. degree offers students robust exposure to the core areas of computer science and provides the requisite background for graduate study or careers involving software development.

The required courses give students a firm foundation in computer science and a choice of related areas in business analytics, GIS (Graphical Information Systems,  physics, economics, and mathematics;  electives allow them to tailor their program to their specific interests.

Students are encouraged to meet with computer science faculty early in their program in order to choose courses that will best prepare them for their future goals.

Course Requirements


  • CS 110 Introduction to Programming (Fall and Spring)
  • CS 111 Data, File Structures, and OOP (Spring)
  • CS 222 Web Application Development (Fall)
  • CS 240 Theory of Algorithms or CS 220 Architecture and Assembly (Spring semesters)
  • CS 340 Programming Languages or CS 230 Operating Systems (Fall semesters)
  • CS 341 Software Engineering (Fall)

COMPUTER SCIENCE ELECTIVES: Choose 3 additional courses from any of the CS offerings below.

  • CS 220 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language (Alternates with CS 240 in Spring semesters)
  • CS 223 Game Programming AI (Alternate with CS 323 in Spring semesters)
  • CS 230 Operating Systems (Alternates with CS 340 in Fall semesters)
  • CS 240 Theory of Algorithms (Alternates with CS 220 in Spring semesters)
  • CS 301 Business Analysis with Excel (Offered both Fall and Spring)
  • CS 323 Mobile Programming(Alternates with CS 323 in Spring semesters)
  • CS 330 Database Management (Spring)
  • CS 340 Programming Languages (Alternates with CS 230 in Fall semesters)


  • SBUG 415 Competing with Analytics (Credited toward M.S. Business Analytics*)
  • SBUG 420 Data Science Foundations (Credited toward M.S. Business Analytics*)
  • GIS 411 Fundamentals of Geographic Information (Credited toward a M.S. GIS degree**)
  • GIS 467 Project Concept & Scope (Credited toward a M.S. GIS **)
  • PHYS 231 General Physics I
  • PHYS 232 General Physics II
  • PHYS 310 Electronics Applications
  • PHYS 331 Classical Mechanics
  • PHYS 332 Electricity and Magnetism
  • ECON 350 Microeconomic Theory
  • ECON 400 Intro to Econometrics
  • ECON 401 Mathematical Economics
  • MATH 311 Probability
  • MATH 312 Mathematical Consulting
  • MATH 201 Discrete Mathematical Structures
  • MATH 204 Conjecture and Proof in Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 205 Cryptography
  • MATH 208 Game Theory
  • MATH 231 Math Modeling
  • MATH 233 Intro to Machine Learning
  • MATH 331 Numerical Analysis


  • CS 450 Computer Science Senior Project (Spring)


*B.S. CS Students are eligible to apply for admission to the M.S. Business Analytics program during their junior and senior years. Students participating in this program will earn both a B.S. in Computer Science and a M.S. in Business Analytics in a total of five years. 

** B.S. CS students are eligible to apply for admission to the M.S. GIS program during the end of their junior year.  Students can earn a B.S. CS degree while concurrently pursuing the M.S. GIS degree.