Advice to New CS Students

Students planning to major in computer science do not need any prior coding experience!

The standard introductory sequence for new students is CS 110 followed by CS 111. Most students taking the introductory CS110 course have no prior coding experience. We recommend that students begin with CS 110 and a calculus course (Math 121 or Math 118).

Those students who have passed the CS AP exam can begin with CS 111. Students with a considerable amount of prior programming experience in C++ or Java should contact the director, Trish Cornez.

Please note the following:

  1. Prior to taking CS 110, students must test into calculus (Math 121) or Integrated Calculus (Math 118). Redlands uses the ALEKS math placement test to evaluate students’ preparedness for specific math courses. All students accepted to Redlands can take this test and use its learning modules to prepare for calculus placement. For questions about math placement, math transfer credit, and AP test scores, email or
  2. For students who take CS 110 in the spring semester, keep in mind that CS 111, the next course in the sequence, is offered only during spring semesters. However, there are equivalent CS 111 courses offered at other institutions during summer sessions that can be transferred to Redlands.
  3. Students can declare the B.A. CS major after completing CS 110, CS 111 and either Math 121 or MATH 118-119.
  4. Students can declare the B.S CS after completing CS 110, CS 111, and MATH 122 (Calculus II).