Core Values and Practices

Mission Statement

The University’s Writing Center offers a positive, collaborative space to foster communication and introspection. Our peer tutors are trained to listen, support, and expand the writers’ content beyond the classroom and into the world. The Writing Center is a safe space to bring materials from all courses and fields and at any stage of the writing process. We encourage students of all abilities to work with us in confidence with the hope to nurture consistent growth in each and every writer.

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Core Values (drive our Core Practices)

  • Collaboration
  • Confidence
  • Dedication
  • Encouragement
  • Engagement
  • Growth
  • Positivity
  • Respect
  • Trust

All of our tutors strive to be sensitive to students' individual needs. We focus our efforts on building confidence in writing.  

Core Practices (driven by our Core Values)

  • Establish rapport
  • Set an agenda
  • Set writing goals
  • Brainstorm and generate ideas
  • Read your work (if applicable)
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Check in with student
  • Identify next steps

Our sessions can help with any type of writing, with any and all writing abilities, and at any stage of the writing process.  Peer tutors can help develop many writing skills such as improving self-editing, utilizing research resources, and citing and formatting.