Tutor Employment Opportunities

Peer Subject Tutor Positions

To be eligible to tutor, you must be a current undergraduate student at the University of Redlands, have completed the course you wish to tutor with a minimum grade of 3.3 (or equivalent evaluation), have a faculty recommendation in the subject(s) you wish to tutor (form provided during application process), and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Please review the subject tutor job description below.
Subject Tutor Job Description
If you are interested in tutoring for any of our current openings (courses listed below), please contact meigan_karraker@redlands.edu. If you meet the requirements for a current opening, an interview will be scheduled. Peer subject tutors are hired year-round on an as-needed basis with most hiring completed during the summer months. Tutor training is provided for all hired tutors.

Fall 2024

  • ACCT 210/220 (Financial Accounting & Reporting/ Principles of Managerial Accounting)
  • ASL 101/102 (First-Year American Sign Language)
  • CHEM 102 (Intro to Chemistry of the Environment)
  • CHEM 131/132 (General Chemistry)
  • CHEM 231/232 (Organic Chemistry)
  • CS 110/111 (Intro to Programming)
  • PHYS 231/232/233 (General Physics I/II/III)
  • PSYC 250/300 (Statistical and Research Methods)


Peer Writing Tutor  Positions 

Writing Tutor applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are now closed. Applications for the 2025-2026 academic year will open on February 1, 2025.

We are looking for dedicated undergraduate students to become Writing Tutors who will help their peers become confident writers. We are seeking applicants of all majors/disciplines, including the Johnston Center. Bilingual/biliterate students are strongly encouraged to apply. Tutors work a set schedule of 6-10 hours each week and attend regular staff meetings. This is a paid position, and starts at $16.25 per hour.

To be considered:

  • you must be a full-time undergraduate student
  • you will need to have at least 32 credits completed (sophomore standing) by Fall 2024
  • you should have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA or equivalent evaluations
  • you will need a faculty member to recommend you during the application process
  • you will be required to take a 4-unit training course (ENGL 308, Mentoring College Writers) during the Fall 2024 semester (3.0 grade required to continue in the position). 
  • you will need to be able to work 6 - 10 hours per week
  • you must commit to the full 2024-2025 academic year

Those interested are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a writing tutor at redlands.mywconline.com to see what a session is like. Most writing tutors do have sessions with each other, because all writers need readers. You can also talk with current tutors to learn more about expectations, what they like about the work, what they find challenging, etc. This will provide you a deeper understanding of the job for your application and interview. 

To apply: 

  1. Complete the Peer Writing Tutor application (supported browsers: Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Mac/iOS).*
  2. Select and contact a faculty member who will be able to evaluate you as a writer and your ability to work with others. Inform your faculty reference that they will receive an email from etrieve@redlands.edu with a request to review your application.
    *Your application will not be received by our office until your faculty reference completes the evaluation portion.
  3. Select a short (two- to three-page) written sample of work that you've completed within the past year. Attach a pdf of your writing sample to your application (Note: pdf document titles cannot include the number symbol "#").
  4. Submit your application to your faculty reference for review. 
  5. You will receive a confirmation email from etrieve@redlands.edu once your application has been received by our office. If you do not receive confirmation within 48 hours, reach out to your faculty reference.

All applications are due by 5pm on Thursday, February 22nd (DEADLINE EXTENDED THROUGH MARCH 8TH). 

If you have any questions, please email meigan_karraker@redlands.edu.