Writing Tutoring

Peer Writing Tutors offer friendly, constructive assistance with any kind of writing and at any stage of the writing process for undergraduate students in any program at the UoR.

Graduate students utilizing writing support services will meet with writing faculty in the Graduate Writing Center. 

Appointments are offered both in-person and online. Use the link below to schedule an appointment.

Make an appointment with a Writing Tutor

How can writing tutoring sessions help me?

  • Process: Making a plan to draft and develop a piece of writing; brainstorming ideas
  • Content: Information, explanations, and evidence tied to a clear, central idea
  • Organization: Paragraph sequence, structure transitions, and staying on topic
  • Diction: Appropriate and effective vocabulary
  • Syntax: Sentences, including punctuation
  • Conventions: Appropriate format, citing sources and mechanics that meet reader expectations

What should I bring to a writing session?

  • Attitude - Bring a willingness to participate and a desire to improve.
  • The assignment - What did your instructor ask you to do? You can attach the assignment to your appointment form.
  • What you've done so far - Bring everything you've done so far, whether it's questions or ideas or notes or diagrams or a partial or complete draft. You can attach any drafts to your appointment form.
  • Priorities - What aspects of the assignment do you most want help with? What questions do you have? Include a detailed description of your goals for the session on the appointment form.

What should I keep in mind?

  • The earlier you come in before the assignment is due, the more we can help you. But you can bring in your work at any stage.
  • We don't "fix" or "correct" papers; we do give you feedback and strategies for how you can improve your writing.
  • You don't have to be "stuck" or be a "weaker" writer to meet with a peer writing tutor; you only need to be someone who wants to talk through your writing. EVERYONE can use a second pair of eyes on their writing; writing tutors need writing tutors too!
  • Writing tutoring isn't just for papers. We can also look at graduate or scholarship application essays, scripts for oral presentations, PPT presentations, texts of speeches, or any other written material.