Wilderness First Responder

Held during Spring Break, the Wilderness First Responder course offers fast-paced, hands-on training in wilderness and rescue medicine.


What can I expect at WFR?

Mornings are devoted to lecture while afternoons and evenings are spent outside working on practical skills such as splinting, bandaging and wound management. You’ll perform full-scale rescue simulations (complete with fake wounds and stage blood) and learn to respond correctly in a crisis.

Getting your Wilderness First Responder certification will help in the pursuit of any outdoor job or career and arm you with vital lifesaving skills. It’s also great knowledge to have if you spend a lot of time in the wilderness recreationally.

IMG_20210814_100003493.jpgThe course is exceptionally affordable for University of Redlands students thanks to a generous Emergency Preparedness Grant provided to make Outdoor Programs trips safer, while also helping our campus community to be better prepared for emergencies. The WFR course is open to non-students depending on capacity, contact breann_lindsey@redlands.edu for more information.