Club Sports

Club Sports offers opportunities for students to compete both on and off campus against surrounding schools and organizations at a high level.  Club Sports are coordinated by student members and supported by Recreation offering an opportunity for hands on growth and development for the students associated with each club.

Sports Offered

Club Sports is the fastest growing area of recreation, now offering 7 teams that aim to compete on and off campus each year:  Men’s and Women’s Club Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Club Ultimate, Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s Volleyball, and Rock Climbing.  Each of these clubs works to create a competitive arena for current students to engage in their sport, and they offer opportunities to compete at high levels throughout southern California.  Club Sports operate throughout the year in the evenings and on weekends. 

Structure & Facilities 

Club Sports are student run organizations that work directly with Recreation professionals with logistics, scheduling, member management, risk management, and finances.  Students are asked to operate in some ways like an NCAA organization, and take on many of these responsibilities with help from Recreation Administrators.  Club Sports share recreation facilities with Intramurals and share scheduling of Athletic facilities with Intramurals as well.