First Year Journeys

We can't wait for FYJ 2022! FYJ's are offered prior to the start of fall New Student Orientation for first year students. Each trip offers a variety of adventures, building community, and creating an opportunity to learn about the University of Redlands and our extended community before beginning your first semester.  

Take a look at this year's trips and please fill out an FYJ Application! (


Redlands is an access point to many incredible outdoor locations, and this year's First Year Journey trips highlight our favorite mountain, ocean, and desert areas and activities.  Trips are designed to support students from all backgrounds and experiences (no prior experience necessary).  Take a look at the FYJ trips that we're offering before submitting your application.

To learn more about the types of FYJ trips offered and their costs check out this link.

Check This Out!

When you go on a First-Year Journey, it broadens your world...

Deciding to go on a First-Year Journey was the single most beneficial decision I’ve made in my entire life. It gave me a whole new perspective on life, the wilderness and myself. I met my very best friends on my First-Year Journey and it introduced me to the Outdoor Programs family—a family which is supportive of everybody it meets. My time in college would not have been half as enjoyable if I had not gone.

Leah Cotton ‘15
Newton, MA

My First-Year Journey completely changed my experience of starting college. It introduced me to the most incredible people, who remain my close friends today, so I didn't have to worry about not knowing anyone at Redlands.

Sophia Steilen ‘17
Santa Monica, CA