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The Riverside Regional Campus

Home to the School of Business and School of Education programs, the campus is conveniently located just off the 91 Fwy, directly across the street from the Riverside Plaza. The campus is located three miles from the historic Mission Inn and is surrounded by the robust economy of one of America's largest and fastest growing cities.

COVID-19 Update

We want to confirm that we are continuing to enroll students in our undergraduate and graduate degree programs. All classes are being conducted in an online format during the COVID-19 outbreak, so you can begin from the comfort and safety of your home. Once it is safe to offer courses at our eight campus locations, you will be able to transition to the on-ground format.

For more information on University of Redlands response to the current pandemic, please see the Coronavirus FAQ page.


Alumni Spotlight:

Anthony Beale


University of Redlands

BSB '18

Grad Program:

University of Redlands

MBA '20

Current Position:

Mortgage Loan Funder.  I am looking to obtain a funding manager position with my newly obtained MBA.

Experience in the Program:

My experience in both programs was outstanding and enjoyable. Once you have a couple classes completed, you become familiar with the class peers. It made it very comfortable to approach peers and easier to work with on class projects and presentations.

Favorite Moment:

My favorite moment would have to be submitting my last essay for my Ethics class. Knowing that I have accomplished my goal and that I no longer have to write any more papers was glorious.

Favorite Professor:

The best instructor I had was Marian Reiff. He had an amazing personality and made class very enjoyable. The fact that he comes to America for the summer and returns home to Europe I found interesting. He cared about the students learning the material and helped tremendously.