Preliminary Teacher Credential Programs 

Single and Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials 
The coursework and the field experience segments of the Preliminary Teacher Credential program are delivered in a 36-39 credit hour sequence accompanied by early fieldwork experience. Each semester, students take an educational foundations course and methods courses. When candidates demonstrate the required program competencies, including all prerequisites and a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average in content and pedagogy coursework, they may begin their student teaching placements or internship. Credential candidates must pass two cycles of the Teacher Performance Assessment (CalTPA), a state-mandated examination required for recommendation for a credential. Educational technology and literacy content are incorporated in all courses. Field experiences and CalTPA cycles are also integrated into courses, as are theory and skills needed to effectively teach English learners and diverse student populations enrolled in today’s classroom.

Learning Outcomes 
Learning outcomes for the Preliminary Teacher Credential programs are found at: 
Multiple Subject: 
Single Subject:

Undergraduate Students 
Students from the College of Arts and Sciences interested in earning a teaching credential must apply to the School of Education. Undergraduate students can enroll in Child Development (EDUG 331) and Foundations of Learning (EDUG 401) before the School of Education admission process. Students need to contact an enrollment counselor (or a CAS Faculty Advisor) to discuss the best credential program pathway.

Additional Requirements for Credentials 
To be eligible to be recommended for the Preliminary Teaching Credential or the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential, candidates must meet the U.S. Constitution credential requirement. For details on meeting this requirement, contact the School of Education. Introduction to American Politics (POLI 111) or American History to 1877 (HIST 121) in the College of Arts and Sciences, or their equivalents, satisfy the requirement. Multiple Subject and Education Specialist Credential candidates must also complete the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment® (RICA®).

Subject Matter Competency
All teacher credentials candidates must demonstrate competency in their specific subject matter area prior to student teaching or internship and the teaching seminar (EDUC 555). In the state of California, this requirement can be met by successful completion of one of the alternatives described below.

  • Multiple Subject- All multiple subject CSET subtests or a state-approved undergraduate subject matter preparation program
  • Single Subject- All single subject CSET subtests in specific subject matter area must be passed or a state-approved undergraduate subject matter preparation program

Prior to being recommended for the Preliminary Credential, students must complete the following (unless otherwise stated by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing or by Executive Order):

  • Multiple Subject–CPR requirement, Individual Development Plan, and CalTPA instructional cycles I and II passed
  • Single Subject–CPR requirement, Individual Development Plan, CalTPA instructional cycles I and II passed