SFTS Alumni Relations

Your lasting connection to SFTS

SFTS Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is a group of dedicated alums whose purpose is to further relations between alumni, the Seminary, and the greater Church. The Alumni Council always loves to hear from fellow alumni!

The Council is available to discuss your ideas, questions, and suggestions for the life of the Seminary and the alumni community. The Council enjoys the chance to correspond with you and listen closely to your hopes and concerns for SFTS.

History of the Alumni Council

To support the SFTS mission, the very first SFTS Alumni Council was formed in 1881. The commission of the early SFTS Alumni Council was to come together “in order to continue the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, and in support of the mission of SFTS to educate students in spiritual formation, critical theological reflection, and the skills and arts of ministry.”

The current SFTS Alumni Council is an energetic organization committed to engaging our alumni in life-long learning, faithfulness, fellowship, and community. The council is planning a range of events and local chapters in your area in order that we can continue to support each other and SFTS in our shared mission and vision.