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Distinguished Alumni Award

The SFTS Distinguished Alumni Award is a prestigious award honoring Seminary graduates who have demonstrated exemplary dedication and service to the ministry of Jesus Christ, regardless of public prominence.

Each year, the award is presented during the Spring commencement ceremony, where the SFTS community formally acknowledges and celebrates the ministry of the recipient. Not only does this award recognize the dedicated ministry of our alums, it also spurs on the imagination and energy of our students for outstanding service to Christ’s Church.

The Alumni Council of the San Francisco Theological Seminary, along with the Office of Alumni Relations, invites you to nominate a fellow alum of SFTS that exemplifies the spirit and mission of SFTS to be honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award (self-nominations will not be considered). This award is designed to recognize SFTS alumni who have advanced the interest and standards of excellence of SFTS through distinctive professional or volunteer service.

Nominees must exhibit one or more of the following criteria:

  • Achievement of excellence in his or her profession or vocation to the extent that it brings recognition and honor to the Seminary
  • Unselfish rendering of service over a period of years to his or her community
  • Possession of integrity, stature or demonstrated ability that inspire and instill pride in faculty, staff, students and alumni

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Please contact marin-alumni@redlands.edu if you have any questions.

SFTS Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

2022 – Rev. Dr. Karen "Bear" Ride and Rev. Dr. Stewart Perrilliat
2021 – Rev. Dr. Jorge William de Castro Abdala
2020 – Rev. Jeannie Kim
2019 – Rev. YongKyu Kang and
Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr.
2018 – Rev. Norman Fong
2017 – Rev. Sarah Stephens
2016 – Alison Harrington and
Dr. James A. Noel
2015 – Jane Spahr, Deana Reed, and Herbert Valentine
2014 – Pamela Byers
2013 – Byron Bland
2012 – ChangBok Chung
2012 – Joseph Kang
2011 – Bruce Reyes-Chow
2010 – Aleida Jernigan
2009 – Blaine Clarke Vestal
2008 – John Turpin
2007 – Mikel Baird Taxer
2006 – Marilyn Chilcote
2005 – James Moiso
2004 – Jerry Van Marter
2003 – Roland Gordon
2002 – Naim S. Ateek
2001 – Harriet A. Nelson

2000 – Lynnell Jones
1999 – Paul J. Baird
1998 – Robert E. Williams
1997 – John S. Hadsell, Iris Weber Martin
1996 – H. Eugene Farlough, Margaret J. Veneman
1995 – Douglas K. Huneke, Donald B. Register
1994 – Donald Griggs
1993 – Roy Fairchild
1992 – Glenda Hope, William E. Clawson
1991 – Dorothy May Callecod, Elmer R. “Bud” Frimoth
1990 – Franklin Woo
1989 – Frederick Appleton, Eugene Hessel, Proceso Udarbe
1988 – Alfonso Esquibel, Richard Gray
1987 – He Ra Kim
1986 – Benjamin Weir, Carol Weir
1985 – James W. Hall
1984 – Miner E. Bruner, Jong-Sung Rhee
1983 – Frank von Christierson, Roe B. Lewis
1982 – Masao Hirata
1981 – Clifford Drury, Kenneth Thomas, Margaret Orr Thomas