Single Subject Teaching Credential

CAS Undergraduate Teacher Credential

If you are a CAS undergraduate student interested in a future career as a teacher, please visit the CAS  Undergraduate Teacher Credential Program page for information regarding admissions to the School of Education, coursework pathways, and requirements to earn a California Teaching Credential. Students should discuss their plans with their CAS advisor and work closely with them to customize an academic plan.  

All teacher candidates in California must demonstrate competency in the subject matter they will be authorized to teach.

Students interested in earning a credential to teach Mathematics, can be prepared to pass the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) by completing a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

The following courses are recommended for students to prepare for the CSET exams:

1. CSET: Mathematics Subtest I (Number and Quantity, Algebra)

MATH 241 Linear Algebra (Spring) and MATH 245 Number Theory (Fall) and MATH 341 Abstract Algebra (Spring)
2. CSET: Mathematics Subtest II (Geometry, Probability and Statistics)
MATH 251 Geometry (Spring - alternate years) and MATH 311 Probability (Fall) and MATH 312 Statistics (Spring)
3. CSET: Mathematics Subtest III (Calculus)
MATH 221 Calculus III (Fall and Spring) and MATH 321 Real Analysis (Fall - alternate years)


You should work closely with your mathematics advisor to make sure you are able to take all the courses needed to prepare you for the CSET.