Single Subject Teaching Credential

Students interested in obtaining the California Single Subject Secondary Teaching Credential in mathematics should meet with advisors in the Mathematics Department and the School of Education. Most students complete the teacher preparation program, including student teaching, during a fifth year of study following graduation.

The following courses are recommended for students interested in obtaining the California Single Subject Teaching Credential:
• MATH 245 Number Theory/History of Mathematics 
• MATH 251 College Geometry 
• MATH 311 Probability
• MATH 312 Mathematical Statistics 
• MATH 321 Real Analysis 
• MATH 341 Abstract Algebra 

In addition, students seeking a Single-Subject Teaching Credential must satisfy the requirements for admission to the Basic Teaching Credential Program and, once admitted to this program, must satisfy the professional preparation requirements of the Single-Subject Credential Program. See the School of Education section of this Catalog for details.

The Department of Mathematics recommends that students seeking a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in mathematics complete a minor in another academic area commonly taught in secondary schools.