Bachelor of Science Requirements

Core Requirements

• MATH 122 Calculus II (except for those mathematics majors who begin the calculus sequence with MATH 221)
• MATH 201 Discrete Mathematical Structures or MATH 204 Conjecture and Proof in Discrete Mathematics
• MATH 221 Calculus III 
• MATH 241 Linear Algebra 
• MATH 459 Senior Research Seminar

Mathematical Reasoning Requirements (At least two courses from, with at least one numbered 321 or above)
• MATH 245 Number Theory/History of Mathematics 
• MATH 251 College Geometry 
• MATH 321 Real Analysis 
• MATH 341 Abstract Algebra 

Mathematical Applications Requirements (At least course from)
• MATH 311 Probability 
• MATH 331 Numerical Analysis 
• MATH 338 Partial Differential Equations 

Elective Requirements (Four additional courses from) 
• MATH 201 Discrete Mathematical Structures and above. At most two of MATH 208, MATH 231, or MATH 212 may count toward the major. If taken as part of a second major, one of MATH 208, MATH 231, or MATH 212 can be replaced with ECON 202, ECON 400, ECON 401; PHYS 331, PHYS 332, PHYS 341, PHYS 344; CHEM 331, CHEM 332; any CS course at the CS 111 level and above (except CS 301); PHIL 151 (4 credits).

Upper-Division Requirements
Beyond the mathematical core requirements, a total of 3 courses taken in the major must be numbered above MATH 300, not including MATH 459.

Related Field Requirements
At least 16 credits in courses outside mathematics that involve quantitative or logical reasoning, or a minor or second major in any field. These courses must include CS 110, Introduction to Programming, or a course in a structured programming language, or the student must demonstrate proficiency in a structured programming language.