Mathematics Course Placement

Current Students: Placement results are available in Student Planning under Test Scores. Students who wish to take a math course into which they have not placed must complete the appropriate Math Lab course prior to taking the course:

  • Math 001L- Prepares students for Finite Math (Math 101) or Math for the Real World (Math 100) or Intro to Stats (Math 111)

New and Transfer Students:  Students should have completed a Math Survey in the New Student Checklist to determine whether or not they will need to take Calculus.

  • Students are placed into Math 100 or Math 101 or Math 111 using SAT/ACT math scores submitted to the University of Redlands or by college transfer credit math courses. 
  • Students that do not place into Math 100 or Math 101 or Math 111 need to complete Math 001L prior to taking those courses.
  • Students needing Calculus are placed into Calculus courses using ALEKS PPL or by AP Calculus (AB or BC) scores* or by college transfer credit for Calculus.

*Students with AP Calculus scores of 3 or lower need to contact the Math Department. They may need to take ALEKS PPL for Calculus placement. For further instructions,please contact: