Mathematics Course Placement

Math Placement results are available in Self-Service under “Test Scores”.  Students who want to register for a  math course into which they have not placed must complete the appropriate math placement. 

New and Transfer Students:  Students should have completed a Math Questionnaire in the New Student Checklist to determine whether they need to take Calculus and/or if they need to take the math placement test.  

Students can be placed into Math 100 or Math 101 or Math 111 using SAT/ACT math sub-scores submitted to the University of Redlands (optional) OR by college transfer credit math courses OR by IB Math scores** OR by taking the Math placement test. 

Students can be placed into Calculus courses by AP Calculus (AB or BC) scores* OR by AP Pre-Calculus scores* OR by college transfer credit for Calculus OR by IB Math scores (High Level)** OR  by the Math placement test. 

Students are automatically placed into Math 001L if no math placement is submitted or completed. Math 001L prepares students for Math 100/101/111, but NOT for Calculus courses. 

 *Students with AP Calculus or AP Pre-Calculus scores of 3 or lower need to contact the Math Department. Students need to make sure to have their AP Calculus or Pre-Calculus scores sent to the University of Redlands. They will be placed into calculus courses based on their score or they may need to take ALEKS PPL for best Calculus placement. 

Please contact: 

**Students with IB Math scores need to contact the Math Placement Coordinator to discuss math placement. This is dependent on Standard Level or High Level scores. 

Please contact: 


All new and transfer students that are enrolled in Calculus and/or Chemistry 131 will need to complete a final math placement test with the Math Department before classes begin to make sure algebra skills have been adequately reviewed over the summer.  

For additional information or questions, please contact Math Placement: